Posted by: Lloyd Becker | September 30, 2016

Snakes, Cheerleading Squad and Hillary

There now has been two on-stage presidential face-offs; actually, one, if you count the debate only.  The other was a town hall in which neither met face-to-face.

What is striking about the town hall is that the Sailor who commented about her handling of classified information, he stated that he would have been in jail long ago doing what she has done with the Nations’ secrets.

While Matt Lauer was lobbing softballs at Hillary, he played hardball with Donald Trump trying to trip him up.  Yet, this is nothing new for the shills of Hillary Clinton.  It also has been noted and has been seen that she was wearing an earpiece in which she was being cued in answering Matt Lauer’s question.  It can also be assumed that he knew she was wearing this earpiece.

Since the first town hall, it has gotten worse.  Lester Holt was asking most of the questions at the debate to Donald Trump so they can do real time fact-checking.  Lester Holt was also trying to shut down Trump numerous of time to let Hillary in because she was signaling to put some zingers in.

Three things captured my attention after the debate, primarily the following two days after the debate.

  1. Lester Holt was being more of a debater, rather than a moderator because he called Trump a liar over, either, being against the war in Iraq, or the birther issue.
  2. A white haired man in a suit went to Hillarys’ podium and removed a file folder from it and passed it to Lester Holt. Was this an OP-PO on Trump?  Where did this file originate?  Since it was passed to Lester Holt, was it his file he gave to Hillary to use?
  3. Hillarys’ podium has a teleprompter built in to it.

While speculating, this teleprompter had all the questions in it and to whom they were to be directed to and when she was to be able to speak.  To speculate further, she may have had her earpiece on, receiving instructions to keep signaling to Lester Holt to let her in.

Though, on its surface, this was to be a level playing field, the Independent Commission on Presidential Debates, does not seem too independent.  Initially, Hillary Clinton wanted a step stool, but the Commission refused her a step stool and built a specially made podium for her.  This podium that was built, was built with a teleprompter.  This Commission is lying about being independent and they are just as much of a cheerleading squad for Hillary as the Mainstream Media.

The “birther” issue became a hot button item and Lester Holt perpetuated the same lie that Trump started it, when it was Hillary’s campaign of 2008 against Obama on saying that he was not US born.  This issue began raising its head again  and past documents are starting to surface showing that Obama was born in Kenya.  The MSM carried that news, plus the liberal newspapers have written about Obama not being born in the United States.  Yet, Trump is being blamed for the birther issue.

Hillary has no record to run on, unless, upon leaving the White House, there were 47 dead bodies left behind.  During Benghazi, there are four dead and during this campaign, three bodies.  One of these bodies was a Wikileaks contributor, as stated by Julian Assange.  The only thing I do not know is how many bodies were left behind when Hillary left Arkansas.

What other accomplishments does she have?

  • Destabilization of the Middle East
  • Arab Spring
  • ISIS
  • There are others

As it is, this election cycle, there is no record of accomplishments that Hillary can point to.  Not anything legitimate.  This is why Lester Holt  and Matt Lauer, plus the entire MSM are providing cover for her.  The liberal newspapers, if you want to call them that, are providing cover and smoke screens for Hillary.

It has already been shown that Hillary has to cheat.  To cheat, these town halls and debates, it must be rigged against Trump.  So far, we have seen this multiple times.  On October 9, 2016, we will see another rigged town hall with Martha Raddetz.  Will we see more of the same?  Will Hillary wear her earpiece again?  Will Martha throw puffball questions?  Throw hardball questions at Trump?  This town hall will tell.

While the snakes continue to crawl, Hillary is hopeful that one will be successful in weakening Trump’s position.

Trump needs to now start destroying Hillary.  With Lester Holt’s help, she drew first blood.  He needs to bring back her 2008 campaign ad stating Obama was not born in the US.  He needs to hit her about the rapist she defended and laughed about it, while knowing this guy really did it.  Trump needs to come to a full offense and not let up.  To pull a punch now is to let Hillary win.

If you are into petitions, I have an iPetition out to ban Lester Holt and Matt Lauer.

Concluding, the MSM is Hillarys’ cheerleading squads.  If they are not cheerleading, they may experience the same experience others have experienced in the past.  You must ask yourself, why is everyone pleading the 5th Amendment?  They do not want to die either.

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Posted by: Lloyd Becker | July 16, 2016

Convention Protest, BLM and Loretta Lynch

Generally, hacking tends to be a bad thing because it usually violates the people’s right to privacy.  I am normally a privacy rights hawk, but in this case, this hacking revealed a plot to cause a riot of such proportion as to cause martial law.  Martial law cannot be imposed country-wide when riots are concentrated in one area, or city and as I understand it, there are 37 cities involved.  This upcoming riot or protest is being coordinated by four individuals.  These individuals are: DeRay McKesson, Johnetta Elzie, Sam (a white guy, who is a useful idiot) and US Attorney Loretta Lynch.  These hacked messages also show that while AG Lynch is involved, it also shows, she is one of the master-minds behind the plot to create martial law which would keep Obama in office (Eowyn, 2016).

What she is not saying is there is a plan to put martial law in effect.  Due to the AG Lynch’s effort, the protest, which is essentially, is going to be a massive riot during the presidential conventions of both political parties and martial law will be declared (Eowyn, 2016).

Shortly after the shooting in Dallas, TX that claimed the lives of five police officers, she continued her encouragement of this “radical movement” (McHugh, 2016).  Accordingly, Loretta Lynch is practicing a Russian standard of “disinformation”.  While she is fielding calls, she is stating that cops must be blamed for the high number of African-American deaths due to interactions with law enforcement.

Although, AG Lynch says, “we are feeling the devastating loss of Dallas Area Rapid Transit Officer, Brent Thompson and four other fallen officers” (McHugh, 2016), she is only paying lip-service to the families and community who lost their loved ones.  She remains committed to the protest.  Ms. Lynch is using these dead officers as a springboard, in order to advance her agenda for continued protests because of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile.  While the truth came out about these two individuals and she continues to push the narrative of the wonton shooting of these individuals by police.  She also refuses to say the sniper is a member of the New Black Panthers.  Her statement of, “… the ease at which wrongdoers can get their hands on deadly weapons, …”, is awash (McHugh, 2016).

The shooter was prior military and all persons go through a background check prior to entering the military.  The mere fact that he was in the military, shows he did pass the background check.  Loretta Lynch failed to address the evidence found in the shooter’s home.  He was a member of the New Black Panther Party and he had watched hate-filled videos by Louis Farrakhan.  He became brainwashed against the police; white police, specifically, by these hate-filled videos of Louis Farrakhan, the Mainstream media.  In general, the New Black Panthers are hate-filled against all whites.  Here is a question to ponder.  Louis Farrakhan is the founder of the Nation of Islam.  The Black Panther Party, old and the new, subscribe to Islam.  The question is, was the shooter a Muslim?  According to the latest information, yes he was.

It was expected that Hillary Clinton would be a shoo-in to be the successor to Obama and finish what he had started.  This plan was known as, Plan A. (Hodges, 2016).  Plan B are the protest/riots that is to take place and place the United States under martial law.

Where does Obama fit into this plan?  Obama has stated, “Americans would be better living under martial law” (Unknown, 2016).  The Washington Post downplayed this statement but, too much has been said and done.  Obama has continually issued Executive Orders that are against the US Constitution and has by-passed Congress numerous times.  He has fired over 35 high ranking military officers and replaced them with officers who will follow him.

This reminds me of a history lesson that people know, but fail to remember.  Military officers are being replaced with those who are loyal to the leader.  While this is not 1938 Germany, a number of pieces are falling into place.  The upcoming protest/riot will be a symbol of Kristallnacht which terrorists freely attacked the Jews (Jewish Virtual Library, n.d.)  While it is not the Jews being attacked today, it is our law enforcement, plus businesses and the communities.

At this time there a petition on  This petition is to declare the BLM movement as a terrorist organization.  When we look back at Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD, these were riots by the BLM activists.  Yet, the mayor of Baltimore went as far as to encourage these riots.

AG Lynch may state she has no position in this upcoming protest, it has been noted by (Jewish Virtual Library, (n.d): Robert E. Conot (1983), when Joseph Goebbels reported to [Nazi] party officials stating, “has been decided that such demonstrations are not to be prepared or organized by the party, so far as they originate spontaneously, they are not to be discouraged either”.  Based on this quote of Goebbels by Mr. Conot, Loretta Lynch has been encouraging this protest.  It also has been noted since the hacker has exposed DeRay McKesson’s Twitter account it shows that Loretta Lynch and the Democrats are in full coordination with the BLM protesters.  The Democrats have spent $800,000 to pay for this protest at the Republican convention.

Since Loretta Lynch, President Obama and the BLM are in cahoots and in agreement for martial law.  We can consider this when martial law comes into effect.

  • The US Flag will be lowered and another flag will take its place. Such as when the Nazi flag took the place of the German Flag.
  • The FEMA prisons will be placed into operation. In Germany, these were concentration camps, plus Bush 43 had 11 of these FEMA prisons built.
  • Weapons will be confiscated by the military commanders loyal to Obama. When weapons were confiscated in Germany, the owner had to have it next to the door, if they had to go get, they were shot dead and the military went in and took it.

Or, another scenario could take place.

A full-blown civil war could take place.  This war will dwarf the first civil war immensely.  Every governmental agency is locked and loaded, waiting for orders.  We have foreign troops sequestered waiting to be called and the Mujadeens in their terrorist camps are also waiting, besides others who will help wage this war, such as the UN.

Unlike the civil war of the past, people then needed some training in order to fight.  Today, people on both sides are equally trained.  These people who want to wage this war with the American citizenry is not some video game where the character dies and gets up again.  Those who want this war will lead people to their death.

At the end of the first civil war, there were around 600 thousand buried, give or take the number.  I suspect there will be around 20 million dead within the first 24 hours.  After that, confusion sets in for a short time, then the battle experienced will step in and start organizing battle groups, then the war will be in full swing.

We do have a backstop for all of this.  This backstop is the military.  Unless the military has been compromised, the Joint Chiefs of Staff with Commanders of each individual service make preparations to arrest those responsible to usurp the American people, the United States and its Constitution.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | July 4, 2016

Secretary Carter and Transgenderism

Department of Defense Secretary Ash Carter has issued instructions to all military branches that transgender people may now join the military and serve openly as to what gender they identify with and those currently serving may disclose themselves without any repercussions, or problems.  This paper is to bring to light that women, who identify as men, are looking to do a man’s job in the military.

The transgendered women who desire to become an artilleryman will face strength challenges.  It is not so much as opening a powder canister, or screwing on a fuze, it is the lifting of the round itself (97.7 lbs, 155mm).  Also, setting the weapon up for “action”, takes a lot of physical effort from swinging a sledge hammer, to a lot of pushing and pulling.

The person who loads the Howitzer is required to have the leg and upper body strength that is required to lift and chamber the round.  The method of chambering a round is done hydraulically, if the Howitzer is self-propelled, manually, if towed, but the rest is the same.

The infantry is quite different.  These people go on patrols, engage the enemy and they do this with an 80 pound rucksack on their back.  The infantryman’s upper body must be in top form.  They must also be able to carry their wounded to safety.  This means carrying the weight they have and the wounded soldier’s weight and equipment.  Women who transgender to men, can they fulfill these tasks which are primarily designed for men?

Secretary Ash Carter has said the military will pay for the sex re-assignments. Exactly, how does this fit into the roles of the military?  It has no defense purposes and it hinders the purpose of being combat ready.  Secretary Carter among other politicians are pandering and costing the taxpayers frivolous amounts of money by pandering to special interest groups.  The statement of frivolous amount of money is really not frivolous at all.  These surgeries are in excess of thirty to forty thousand dollars.  Also, to find the cadaver is an expensive process in itself.

Secretary Carter does not understand the term, “lost time”.  If a woman is re-assigned to be a man and if they are a member of the combat forces of the military, it may take them a year or better to return to normal duty status.  This results in lost time.  The taxpayer is still paying the person for a job they cannot do and it results in extending their enlistment to have the person do the work that needed to be done in the first place.  Since Secretary Carter has allowed this, our armed forces will experience more lost time than ever before.

Due to the physical nature of the Army and the Marines, the ground combat forces will lose an insurmountable number of people to the Air Force and the Navy.  While these two services have their own special combat operations, these two services are more technical within their job structures and do not rely as much with boots on the ground.

The Army and the Marines constantly rely on the physical aspects of getting the job done.  Women who transgender to men every element of standards must be reduced to accommodate these transgenders.  We must remember the women who participated in the Marine Combat Officers program.  They were cut because they failed the requirements of the course.  In the end, the combat arms element of the Army and the Marines will suffer great loses.  The standards will be so far degraded a 5-year old will pass the requirements necessary to become an artilleryman, or an infantryman.

Men who transgender to women is not a primary concern of this paper because of the nature of the military; any job in the military can be done by a man.

Any job in any branch of the armed services that requires the physical element of their job and each service will face a myriad of lost time when a transgender undergoes sex re-assignment.  Besides the cost of doing the re-assignment, it will cost the taxpayer in lost time wages because the healing process of this surgery may take up to two years for a full recovery and depending on the pay grade of the individual, the taxpayer can expect to pay out around $50,000 a year, or more in lost time wages, then expect to pay that much after the individual returns to full duty status.  Because of the stupidity of Secretary Ash Carter, he has cost the American taxpayer more money that is required to support the military personnel in the performance of their duties.

Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner maybe the poster child for transgenderism, but this is an apples/oranges conversation.  Jenner’s situation is that of a civilian.  No military service member can be equated to Jenner’s position, or vise-versa.  Every person in the military must maintain their fitness for duty and what Secretary Carter has done is allowing this to destroy the main purpose of the military which is to train and maintain their combat readiness for war.

We must also look at the possible disability status if something like this goes wrong.  If a person becomes injured in some way during the course of their service to the country, on a normal basis, a disability claim can be made.  If, one of these re-assignment surgeries goes wrong and it fails, the taxpayer will be on the hook for disability compensation.  We as taxpayers must look at this as an elective surgery, not as a necessity.  Look at this surgery as an elective it will have the propensity of releasing the taxpayer from all liabilities that are incurred from this surgery.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | June 29, 2016

Whigs to Republican to Whigs

Back in the days when our school-marms and teachers were teaching civics, they left certain important elements out, such as learning the mistakes recorded in history that should never be repeated.  Alas, even during the times I was in school this was never taught.  Today, it has gotten worse.

These things I am talking about is not slavery, or things of that matter, but, the indices of politics and politicians.  We are witnessing today what was witnessed at the little schoolhouse in the earlier 1800s, when Abraham Lincoln emerged as the leader of the new “Republican Party”.

In simple terms, this Republican Party was inclusive of the people of the United States.  It included ALL groups of people then, as it should now.  The dissidents then were the Whig Party.  This Party was the party of big business, oil, donors and corporate welfare.  Although, corporate welfare was not a term used then, it certainly was a player in politics, as it is a player today.  The Whig Party excluded the typical American for money and power.

History learned in school did not fill in the blanks and we are seeing, today, some of the blanks being filled in.  The words that are being entered into these blanks were probably seen by Abraham Lincoln, plus others of that time period and are being reflected today.  The statements being said by the Whigs are the same statements being said by the Republicans today.

The Republican Party, in whom they claim to be the “Party of Lincoln”, have slowly regressed to being the Whig Party.  The Party of Lincoln, considering, is gone.  The “All for one and one for all”, (the Big Tent of Reagan) has left the American people behind to pursue those interests of donors, lobbyists, corporate welfare and a host of other Whig policies.

What we are seeing today is a rise in a new stance in Republican politics and politics in general.  It has sparked a new meaning in which the American people are allowed to say again what should have been said years ago, but has been stifled by the Republican Party of today.

This new stance has been marked at the ballot box.  The one name that has come out on top at most ballot boxes was Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is saying what the American people has been saying for years, but afraid of governmental repercussions.  Donald Trump poses a threat to the status quo.  This status quo is nothing more than the dynasties of the Bush and the Clintons.  The dynasty of the Clintons, more so, than the Bush dynasty, has much to lose.

This election will be another turning point in American politics.  Trump, if he becomes the president, will mark a turning point, whereas, the other turning points, was Lincoln when he included all Americans.  Another was Ronald Reagan when he succeeded in breaking up the Soviet Union.  The importance of this turning point today, is that the Republican Party is losing their grip on the American people.  The elites of the Republican Party have tried everything they could to defeat Donald Trump and the American electorate would have none of it.

As of late, a federal lawsuit has been filed by a sore loser, a Virginia Cruz delegate to release the bound delegates to Trump to vote for whomever they want.  As in my home State of Washington, all of the bound delegates are Cruz supporters.  If this lawsuit is successful in releasing all of Trump’s delegates and another person is nominated, the sore losers will have destroyed the Republican Party.  A form that is being passed around the internet by, “Save Our Party”, has Glenn Beck’s fingerprints all over it.

This destruction will lead to a 5-way race.  Hillary Clinton; Gary Johnson; Jill Stein; Donald Trump and the “new” GOP Nominee (probably Cruz).  Trump, may as well be prepared to run as a write-in candidate.  When the dust settles and the smoke clears, Hillary will be president.  This is what the elite Republicans want and this is what they will get.

Upon the return about history, schools never teach the mistakes that historians have recorded.  To go back and study the history that was never taught, will be much too late.  The today’s Whig Party is repeating the original Whig Party and what the American people will be left with is a country that has no purpose.  We will have a single party rule, though, the Democrats and Republicans does exist, their ties have been getting closer together.  The laws created by one party, benefits the other party and the American people will suffer under the laws made for the elites.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 16, 2016

The Ted Cruz Canadian Citizenship

The eligibility of Ted Cruz has been and is still being called into question.   The question will never be answered until it gets answered either by supposition, or by the courts.  Plus, these questions were brought to bear in the 1800s and decided by the Supreme Court during that 100 year period.

In this paper, I am going to try something different in presenting this case of the eligibility of Ted Cruz, by introducing this paper with some paragraphs from The Presidency Manifesto of Ted Cruz.

“If I were to be elected as your President, it would not be according to how it should be but would be according to how it became with the unconstitutional election of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro.  You see, I, like him, am not a ‘a natural born citizen’ as the Constitution requires of a President.”

“I was not born as a natural citizen of the United States of America because my father was a Cuban national (living in exile due to his opposition to the policies of Fidel Castro and his communist government) just as Barack Obama was not a natural citizen because his father was a subject of the British government, – being governed, along with his children, by the British Nationality Act of 1948.”

“But not being ‘a natural born citizen’ did not keep his party from illegitimately nominating him to be their presidential candidate…”  “Well as they say… two can play that game…”

—— Written by Adrien Nash as Ted Cruz (November 2014) ——

These paragraphs are essentially true as it pertains to birth place and the term “natural born citizen”.  The writer laid out Ted Cruz’s ineligibility by equating it to President Obama with the exception of stating that Ted Cruz openly stated he was born in Calgary, Canada.

According to Rafael Cruz, in 1970, when Ted Cruz was born in Canada, Cruz Senior stated that they lived in Canada for at least four years and had applied for and received Canadian citizenship under the Canadian Immigration and Naturalization Laws.  Rafael Cruz did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2005.  His wife and son were still Canadian citizens (Politicalconundrum, 2015).

Prior to the Cruz family moving to the United States in 1974, Eleanor and Raphael Cruz appeared on the “Urban Preliminary List Of Electors” (Atkinson, 1974).  To vote, one must be a citizen and during an interview with NPR, Cruz stated, he and Eleanor are Canadian citizens.

The Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946, or commonly called, “Act of 1947”.  This Act fully defines him as a Canadian citizen.  Parliament, later replaced the Act of 1947 with The Citizenship Act, February 1977.  The Citizenship Act also recognized, “dual citizenship”.  If the situation was more of an ideal situation, the best Ted Cruz could get is dual citizenship.  According to Cruz Senior, both Eleanor and he were Canadian citizens the year Ted Cruz was born.  The end result, this “The Citizenship Act” does not apply to Ted because he is a natural born Canadian.

People have been searching the Delaware, Department of Health database for Ted Cruz’s mother and they are finding a “no record exists”.  The reason why Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz birth certificate in Delaware does not exist is because there is no birth certificate for this name.  On Line 2, full name of child: Eleanor Darragh.  On Line 31, the father verified baby Eleanor, by writing Eleanor Darragh.  Using any other search string will not yield any results for Eleanor Darragh.

According to the Chart, Citizenship at Birth for Children Born Outside the U.S. and its Territories, as indicated in the USCIS Policy Manual does not apply.  If Eleanor Cruz had maintained her US citizenship, then the chart would apply.  Also, based on The Three Legged Stool Test… the first leg, to be a natural born citizen, the person must be born of US Parents.  The second leg, is the father must be natural born, or naturalized and the third leg, the mother, is the same as the second leg (Kerchner, 2013).  This test fails at every question asked.

While courts are deciding in Ted Cruz’s favor, the lower courts are not paying attention to the Supreme Court’s decisions on citizenship.  There have been four decisions in the 1800s that has settled the natural born citizenship challenges.  Although, the SCOTUS did not specifically say “natural born citizen”, they have supplied a definition what a natural born citizen is.  These four cases were:

  • The Venus, 12 U.S. Cranch 253 253 (1814)
  • Shanks v. Dupont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 242 (1830)
  • Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
  • United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

Covering each one briefly, one will notice how closely these decisions are made.

The Venus (1814)

Justice Livingston quoted from the book, Law of Nations, specifically, Book 1, Chapter 19, Section 212.  “The citizens are members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages”.  “The natives or indigenes are those born in the country of parents who are citizens…”

Shanks v. Dupont (1830)

“If she was not of age, then she might well be deemed under the circumstances of this case to hold citizenship of her father, for children born in a country, continuing while under age in the family of the father, partake of his national character as a citizen of that country”.

Minor v. Happersett (1875)

“At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.  These were natives or natural-born citizens, …”

United States v. Wong Kim Ark (1898)

“At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.  These were natives or natural-born citizens, …”

With the basis of these Supreme Court decisions, the written conclusion as stated by the unknown author at Four Winds 10 – Truth Winds:  “In this sense, the Supreme Court of the United States has never applied the term ‘natural born citizen’ to any other category than those born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof”.  (June 2011)

The Calvin Case, 7 Coke Report states, “… for he cannot be a subject born of one kingdom that was born under the ligeance of a King of another kingdom, …”  (Roland, 2016).  George Bancroft in 1884, characterized the debate on qualifications for the Presidency, … “that no person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, should be eligible to the office of president, …”  The numerous colonies in the 1600s and 1700s were using the language of “natural-born”.  (Roland, 2016)

While eligibility challenges are ongoing, Jerome R. Corsi (2016), penned an article, Eligibility challenges heat up for Cruz, Rubio.  The argument in question is that Mary Brigid McManamon argued that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president, whereas, John C. Eastman argued that Ted Cruz is eligible.  Eastman was referencing the bill that was passed in 1790.  This bill was later replaced in 1795.

During the research for this paper, there are a few things that need to be pointed out.  Most of this paper entailed reiterating what others have said.  This commentary should highlight the things necessary that proves Ted Cruz is not eligible for the Office of the Presidency.

Through articles and other documents, this research concludes that Ted Cruz, in fact, was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as a “natural born citizen” without the inclines of dual citizenship.  Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz was in fact born in Wilmington, DE, but not under that name.  She was born with the name of Eleanor Darragh and her father verified the name by writing it on the birth certificate.

Most of the iterations in this paper primarily support each other, to include the Law of Nations stating that a child born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.

Further investigation indicated Senator Ted Cruz has some very distinct problems he must resolve, yet, he can never be eligible for the Office of the President.  While many have heard and read this claim, they brushed it aside, due to information that has been missed, or purposely left out.

Too much weight has been placed on Eleanor’s birth certificate that would qualify him as a US Citizen.  The reality is Ted Cruz was never a citizen of the United States, or at the least a dual citizen; in fact it is neither.  His citizenship has always been Canadian.

There has been no Consulate Report of Birth Abroad, because neither parent could legally file one.  The argument tends to repeat itself because of the mother’s birth certificate.  It is true, she was born in Delaware, but that is far as it goes.

To qualify my statement that Ted Cruz is a “Natural born Canadian citizen”, an interview was conducted by National Public Radio (NPR) with Rafael B. Cruz, Ted’s father.  Referencing timeline, 1970, Rafael Cruz stated that he and Eleanor applied for and received Canadian citizenship under the Immigration and Naturalization laws.  Timeline, February, 2015, there is no evidence of US citizenship to confirm his true citizenship status.  Ted Cruz, by way of his father had been confirmed that he is a Canadian citizen.

What does this mean for Ted Cruz?  Let me place this as bullet points.

  • In 2014, he renounced his Canadian citizenship.
  • He is a resident alien.
  • He is illegally holding a political office as a Senator.
  • Since 2014, he has been a person without a country.
  • Ted Cruz’s family, specifically his children are not natural born citizens.

If we follow the decision that was handed down in the Shanks v Dupont (1830), if under age children follows the national character of their father, the children do not and cannot carry any part of their Canadian citizenship – even though Ted Cruz is half-Cuban – since their father renounced his Canadian citizenship.  It will be up to the mother to get these children naturalized to the United States.

Ted Cruz, when he discovered that he was still a Canadian, he needed to apply for citizenship to the United States.  The members of the US Senate will be well within their means to expel Ted Cruz from the senate due to his citizenship status.

In the final analysis, Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen.  He is not even a citizen of the United States.  The best category he can fit into is, resident alien.  Ted Cruz had sealed his records; birth records, family records.  The last question is where did Ted Cruz get his passport in 1986?  This may be an interest for someone who wants to dig a little deeper.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 9, 2016

Cruz’s Extra-Marital Problems Continue

The National Enquirer generally has a good track record in exposing politicians in a dim view and now, Ted Cruz has come under the microscope of the National Enquirer. The National Enquirer has taken flak and it still stands by its story.  The National Enquirer has only touched the surface of Senator Ted Cruz’s problem of sexual escapades and more information has been slowly coming out.

Yet, according to the track record of the National Enquirer, they have managed to crack open major sex scandals and expose politicians and their escapades.  According to Drew Johnson’s tweet, he stated two of the women named by the National Enquirer is accurate (thehornnews, 2016).

During an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax, TV, Roger Stone stated, of the five women reported by the National Enquirer, Malzberg asked point-blank if he had slept with any of them and Roger Stone said, yes (Wilmot Provisio, 2016).  Considering, Roger Stone found it quite odd that Cruz is not suing the National Enquirer for false allegations.  Cruz knows the scandal is true and he may be worried about his ability to survive discovery (thehornnews; Wells, 2016).

Ted Cruz attempted to deflect the blame on Donald Trump for the National Enquirer story (Wells, 2016), Roger Stone stated, it was the private detectives who were hired by the Marco Rubio campaign and the article specifically cited these private investigators.

While there is a certain amount of speculation concerning Cruz’s super PAC giving Carly Fiorina’s super PAC $500,000, Sarah Isgur Flores is at the heart of the speculation about this money being used as “hush money” (thehornnews, 2016).  The Fiorina and the Cruz campaigns were in direct competition with each other (Ruffini, 2016).  According to Kellyanne Conway, the donated money was to allow Fiorina to say what was important.  This is a profound statement due to the fact that each were vying to be the nominee for president.  The point of these campaigns are to best each other.

The FEC is now asking questions about this transfer of funds, yet, does it not seem strange that Carly Fiorina is now supporting Ted Cruz?  As odd as it seems, with Sarah Isgur Flores and this money transfer, Carly Fiorina seems to be the “Red Herring” to try to enforce Ted Cruz’s lie that Donald Trump had something to do with the scandal that broke by way of the National Enquirer.

The Daily Beast (Burke, 2016) stated by Cathy Burke, that Breitbart News was given a video by a person allied with Marco Rubio.  The problem was if this person was part of the Rubio campaign, Breitbart News might have run it.

The story that the National Enquirer ran, with the five women indicated, two have spoken out against the article.  What is troubling, are some tweets from Amanda Carpenter.  Though, she denies any relationship with Ted Cruz, her tweets indicate otherwise.  Such tweets were, “Cruz about to do something very sweet.  I may cry”, 9/25/2013 and “Daddy Cruz is coming to get you Washington Post”, 12/22/15.  What is revealing about these tweets, others have replied and re-tweeted her tweets.  Replies to these tweets included: @JoePrich, “Just think if you had deactivated immediately this might’ve never been seen” #cruzsexscandal, @DebraMax “#cruzsexscandal why would a woman tweet stuff like this then say things are not true”.  (Debra Max copied a tweet of Amanda’s ((shown))

@AmandaCarpenter “Really going for it today @Salon: Why I date married men: There’s warmth and there’s space, there’s intimacy and there’s distance …”

Yet, Amanda Carpenter interviews with Jake Tapper, stating she never had an affair with Ted Cruz.  Some of her tweets and the pictures she posted states otherwise.  To a point, when she referred to Ted Cruz as “Daddy Cruz”, there was a reference of a baby involved.  When babies are involved, things become a little sticky.  During the Republican convention, of 2012, Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter were seen together between the timeframe of August 27 through 30, 2012.  The baby who was born, his name is Harry Carpenter.  According to a pictorial analysis, it has been determined that Harry Carpenter is Ted Cruz’s son.  This is based on a variety of factors:

  • Amanda and Ted were together between, August 27 – 30, 2012.
  • Gestation period was between, September 2012 through April 2013 with the birth of Harry on May 28, 2013 at 4:01 am.
  • Certain facial features of the child match both Amanda and Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz had sealed his records and the question of true citizenship of Harry Carpenter may be in question.  Though, Harry Carpenter is not the main focus of this paper, it does affect him.  The sealing of these records causes more questions than answers.  Yet, what are the concerns?

  1. Cruz is not suing the National Enquirer because he knows the allegations are true.
  2. What was the real reason for Cruz’s super PAC giving Carly for America super PAC $500,000?
  3. Why does Carly Fiorina now support Ted Cruz and endorse him for president? What does it mean since there is $500,000 involved?  Is this “hush money”?  Is this money a pay-off for Carly to suspend her campaign?  Maybe a way for this money to find its way back to the Cruz campaign.  The FEC is inquiring for answers now.
  4. What is the story behind the Cruz affair video that was given by a person who is affiliated with the Rubio campaign?
  5. While Amanda Carpenter stated there was no affair, her tweets and pictures indicate otherwise. Is this tweet, “Daddy Cruz is coming to get you Washington Post”, cryptic?  Daddy Cruz is really a Daddy to Harry and “Washington Post” really means Harry Carpenter.

If there was no “affair”, then, why, during the 2012 Republican convention, did people see them leave together; only to net a baby nine months later.

  1. What was the purpose of sealing his records? Does it mean he has no record of US citizenship?  Does it mean he has a child he is hiding?

There are more questions to be answered, yet, it is doubtful they will be answered; not by Ted Cruz anyway.

The sealing of records is hiding information from the public by elected personnel, in this case.  Sealing records is what Obama did to hide his eligibility for Office.  Considering, Pres. Chester A. Arthur burned his records to keep from being discovered.  Obama sealed his records to keep from being discovered and now, Senator Ted Cruz sealed his records to keep from being discovered.  And, like Bill Clinton, Ted Cruz cannot keep his hands off women and keep his pants up.

As we know, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was a philanderer and could not keep his hands off of women and could not keep his pants up.  Now, Ted Cruz, a Republican, has followed in Bill Clinton’s footsteps as a philanderer.  The only difference between Bill and Ted’s “Excellent Adventure” is that Bill is a natural born citizen.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | February 16, 2016

The New Hampshire Debate and More

As pundits come and go and commenters also, they think they have the monopoly on saying what they think.  In this paper, I am offering my observation of this Republican debate which happened in New Hampshire.

As expected, the feud between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz is still ongoing.  Only it took a different twist this time.  Cruz caught Rubio red-handed with an interview with Univision.  As reported, Rubio still wants amnesty for the 11+ million people who are here illegally and will not close the border between Mexico and the United States.  Rubio shot back at Cruz saying that, he does not speak Spanish.  Whether Cruz speaks Spanish, or not, there are other people that do.

Rubio has a significant problem.  He was a member of the Gang of Eight.  He has skin in the game.  This bill created amnesty, a path to citizenship and federal benefits.  One main function of federal benefits is Social Security.  If Rubio becomes the next president, we can be assured that this amnesty bill will pass because as I understand it, Paul Ryan likes Marco Rubio and the bill will pass in the House and because Rubio being the president, it will pass in the Senate.  We will be stuck with legalized, illegals.  They will also have the ability to vote and collect Social Security checks without working a day in their life.  They will also have Medicare.

This will fly into the face of hard working Americans who worked for these benefits from the time they were old enough to hold a job and now benefits are given to people who are not entitled to have them.

The Trump/Cruz feud escalated further when Cruz was caught lying about Trump in a robo-call.  Cruz and company, was caught lying in Iowa when he stole votes from Carson and now he is trying to steal votes again in New Hampshire.  Cruz also sent voting flyers to numerous people in Iowa telling them to fix their voting record they need to vote for Cruz.

Although, I find the Tea Party is supporting Ted Cruz.  I get these surveys and I did not vote for Cruz.  What I also find is this.  The Tea Party did not provide the results of the vote.  They stated they received 2 million votes and Ted Cruz was the winner.  Looking at the candidates, which candidate was supported by the Tea Party before he ever considered running for president.  Now, as we have it, Ted Cruz is doing nothing more than what Obama did when he first ran for the presidency.  Besides lying and cheating where he can get away with it, the only difference between Obama and Cruz, is that Obama had multiple things on a number of people running for the same office.  Hillary was victim to this and considering her shady background, one can understand why she gave up.  I still believe to this day, if not for the shenanigans of Obama, she would have been the president.

The New Hampshire debate was especially heated.  One thing I observed was, it was attack Trump night.  While there were multiple boos that night, one can surmise the RNC was basically behind this attack.  The RNC has no business in the primaries, yet from the beginning of Trumps’ announcement of running for president, the Chairman of the RNC was trying to oust him.  The only place for the RNC is to back the nominee for president; whoever that will be.

Donald Trump is the only person in this race who is self-financed.  No other candidate can say this.  Even the Koch Brothers do not want Trump in the mix.  There are too many, backroom/smokehouse deals going on and with Trump ending on the stage accepting the nomination will throw a number of monkey-wrenches in their dealings.

Every financed candidate will owe their donors and the donors will own them until paid back and this is where these backroom deals come from.

Jeb Bush is a funny piece of work.  Jeb just does not ask for the voters to vote for him, he is begging for those votes.  He has nothing new to offer and he is beholden to Bill Gates because he gave a million dollars to his Florida Education Foundation and Bill Gates is a supporter of common core education.  With all the money Jeb has blown on his candidacy, he could have bought Michael Moore’s mansions, five times or more.  As of late, it has been found that Jeb Bush used eminent domain for private purposes as well as his brother, George.  GW is a partner of the Rangers and is still gaining money from the baseball field in Arlington, TX and this was done when he was the Governor of Texas.

The RNC faces special problems.  If Jeb Bush should drop from the race, it will force the RNC to support Marco Rubio as the alternate to Jeb Bush.  Jeb Bush as I perceive it, he must remain in the run.  The reason for this is the RNC wants to broker the convention.  The RNC does not want Donald Trump as the nominee and they will do anything and everything they can to keep Trump from the nomination.  Although, this may be rather suspect, Marco Rubio is eyeing a brokered convention.  Information is slowly coming out, more and more about the RNC brokering this upcoming convention.

Concluding, when the New Hampshire voters vote in their primary, I would hope they remember what these candidates are trying to do.  They hope that you will forget about their lying and cheating.  They hope that you have forgotten about the Gang of Eight and amnesty that threatens their benefits.

Kasich did not want in the middle of attack Trump, but he never said for them to stop having a nasty debate.  Because of not telling these people to quit, he condones the attacks on Trump which in my observation was orchestrated by the RNC.

There is an old adage, “How can you tell a politician is lying?”  When they open their mouths.

Lastly, I like certain movies.  The Hunt For Red October is one I will watch a number of times.  There is a scene in this movie, about 15 to 20 minutes in and this scene is in a conference room.  At the end of this conference, this politician tells Mr. Ryan (Alex Baldwin) to stay.  The part that is interesting about this, the politician states to Mr. Ryan, “I am a politician.  I lie and I cheat and when I am not kissing babies, I am stealing their lollipops.”

I truly believe the RNC will be the used car salesman trying to sell us the old clunker with sawdust in the oil.  We as the people of America are looking for something better.  We should not look to the RNC and the establishment and while they have nothing to offer, they want us to accept another 4 years of nothing.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | June 3, 2014

Islam and Homosexuals

Homosexuality has been prevalent since the dawn of recorded history and well before the advent of Islam. Even the Greeks had proliferated homosexuality in bearing gifts to a family, so the winner of the Olympics could violate their family’s son to have their pleasure. Homosexuality is a conundrum of a reprobate mind that insists in tearing apart the standard meaning of what GOD had set down in which a man and a woman should engage.

In this paper, I will cover some aspects that under Islam speak specifically about homosexuality and State laws that specifically pertain to sodomy. Islam has specific statements from the Qur’an and the Hadith and State laws are laws that were based on Judeo-Christianity.

Let me add a disclosure here. Much of what you will read are but a reiteration from the Qur’an and the Hadith and plus, whatever State laws may cover. While the commentaries are mine, I did not write the Qur’an, or the Hadith, or any of the State laws. The Qur’an has some specifics about homosexuality and the Hadith provides further guidance. Some State laws are specific on sodomy and will be generally discussed, but, Sharia Law is specific in its dealings with people in their public and private lives.

The Opening

Homosexuals, since the early 2000s, have been making major strides, while in the 1990s, under Clinton, he signed into law, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). Since then the gay community has been further building its coalition to include bisexuals and trans-genders. Since this coalition has been built, homosexuals have gone on wild-hair rants, such as David Kupelian indicates of an Ohio State University professor, J. F. Buckley.

People like Buckley tend to lash out at people, not because they are afraid of others, they lash out because they are afraid of what they have become. Successful gays in society are well-to-do and are comfortable with being themselves. The other gays tend to make the problem and these are the ones who open themselves to criticism. The more they continue to lash out, the more phobic they become. Yes, they know something is wrong, especially with their lifestyle, but the ruckus they create, they are still looking for more approval of their problematic lifestyle.

David Kupelian asked one very important question. Where and when will this “gay rights” steamroller stop? The remainder of this paper may answer that question. But, the more ruckus they create, the better it is for the Muslim to find them.

Again, this paper will draw from references of the Qur’an and the Hadith as it concerns homosexuality. Any views that reference Christianity will be cursory and will be only part of the commentary (if any), but the basis will consist of Islam, homosexuality and State laws.

The Qur’an and the Hadith

Considering the position on homosexuality under Islam, one must understand its train of thought. Islam under Muhammad, the founder of Islam, had no tolerance for homosexuality.

The Religion of Peace not only disapproves of homosexuality, it considers it a major crime in which the perpetrators are condemned to death because it is considered a vile form of fornication (RoP). According to the Hadith Number 4462, Abu Dawud stated, “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done”. The Hadith of Al-Tirmidhi also stated this of Muhammad, “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver”. (The people of Loot (Lot); Genesis 18 & 19). Yet, the Ayatollah, Abdollah Javadi-Amoli of Iran said, homosexuals are inferior to dogs and pigs. This statement of the Ayatollah is rather exceptional, because in Verses 5:59-60, the Qur’an called the Jews and the Christians, “apes and swine”.

Islam basically accepts capital punishment (death penalties) for certain crimes. Fasad fil-ardh (spreading mischief in the land), the crimes associated with this can be treason, or homosexual activity. Though treason and the death penalty is a common factor in crimes and punishment, homosexual activity fits well among this list of capital punishment as it concerns Islam (BBC). Nonetheless, the Shamaa-il Tirmidhi has ranked the major sins under Islam, the first being murder with homosexuality being ranked third and generally major sins are met with the death penalty, but, it is beyond comprehension that theft, or breaking a fast during Ramdhaan (Ramadan) would be a capital offense, yet, in Islam it is.

Like our system, considering the US Constitution as a fixed set of rules, the 5 Pillars of Islam are the same. What does change, are laws that are placed on these documents such as the United States Codes for the Constitution and Sharia for the 5 Pillars. Each set of laws are interpreted from these primary documents. Since Sharia is a combination of the Qur’an and the Hadith, Sharia sets forth the rules about homosexuality, whereas, the United States Codes does not address homosexuality, directly, or indirectly. Sharia also refers to the canon law of Islam (Hakeem, 2012). Although, referred to as the totality of Allah’s Commandments, it is an infallible ethical guide.

Islam, according to the Islamic School of Law, the followers of Islam, is separated into two divisions, which are the Sunni and the Shia. The Sunni believes in the Caliphate and the Shia believes in the Imamate. While both believe in the 5 Pillars of Islam, they are both generally at odds with each other as it concerns the Haram (activities that are forbidden). Accordingly, Haram includes homosexuality.

The penal scheme of Sharia in some ways, parrots the penal scheme of the Jews prior to the birth of Christ. The Islamic Conscience acts as a social force to reduce crime (Hakeem, 2012) and homosexuality is one of those crimes indicated through the Sharia, the Qur’an and the Hadith. Punishments are derived from Divine Law, such as the Qur’an and the Hadith and their penal philosophies are similar to the views of Western philosophies. Yet, under Sharia, the three categories are Al-Hudud; Al-Qisas and Al-Taazir. Under the Al-Hudud, specifically is another classification which is Al-Zina (illicit sexual relations); in which homosexuality is included. As I understand the Al-Qisas, these are more like torts, to some degree.

Taazir is a form of discretionary punishment for transgressions against GOD, the only difference is Al-Hudud is fixed in the manner in which a judge can deliver punishments, whereas, Al-Taazir’s punishments are not fixed. Notwithstanding, the Qur’an and the Hadith expressly says to punish them both, regarding homosexuality. As indicated in the Qur’an, the Qur’an does not basically state to kill the homosexual the Hadith provides that guidance, primarily, the Hadith of Abu Dawud and Al-Tirmidhi. Al-Taazir can be used for the death penalty of homosexuals based on the fact that this act is habitual and will not cease (Hakeem, 2012).

According to the Taliban in 1998 (Arlandson, n.d.) they ordered the execution of three homosexuals by burying them alive under a pile of stones with a wall pushed on top of them. The rule was, if they survive, they were to be set free. Case in point; they died. Iran in 1991, adopted a Constitution which contained the extreme punishment for the execution of sodomy (Arlandson, n.d.). When speaking of homosexuality, the context of sodomy is prevalent in each homosexual home, or encounter. The Constitution also goes on to say that if they repent, the judge may waive the death penalty.

In Verse 4:16 of the Qur’an, referencing two men committing a lewd act, punish them both, but, if they repent, leave them alone. Although, the Qur’an did not make a clear statement on homosexuality, the Hadith provided clearer guidance.

The Prophet Muhammad also cursed the effeminate men and the women who assumed the manners of men (Arlandson, n.d.). Though, stoning is one of the capital punishments afforded to the homosexuals, homosexuals, according to the Mushkhat-al-Masabih, they can be burned to death. Nevertheless, under a newer school of thought, the legal punishment for homosexuality can be reduced to flogging.

State Laws on Sodomy

Sodomy is nothing more than unnatural sex acts, yet, after ten years of a US Supreme Court decision which struck down the anti-sodomy laws, 14 states still have anti-sodomy laws still on their books. Although, four States outlaw “gay sex”, the other ten States have prohibitions against sodomy which would include partners of any sex (Millhiser, 2013). Let us consider this, whether all States have prohibitions against sodomy, or not, under Islam, States will outlaw sodomy due to the direction we are headed. States are condemning Christianity and picking up the mantle of Islam. Michigan, if I am correct, the courts have allowed Sharia to be used as part of their judicial system. In that case, Michigan can use Al-Zina, or Al-Taazir in deciding cases regarding homosexuality.

While the US Supreme Court basically says the law cannot control consenting adults, Islam does the opposite. It controls all aspects of everyday life, public, or private. The concern is, is that, the States that do not have a ban on sodomy, when Islam takes over, the Muslims will know where the homosexuals live and they will be killed.

Concluding, is Islam a Religion of Peace? Not at all! Homosexuals being as specific as they are, they are in dire straits of being killed, or at the least, of being flogged. Each time the homosexuals exert their position to be recognized, they are one step closer to be annihilated. They actually believe they will be protected by “hate” laws. The Hadith of Abu Dawud and Al-Tirmidhi spells out the punishment of homosexuality and any “hate” law on the books that benefit the homosexuals will have no effect.



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Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 29, 2014

Jeb Bush: Really?

This paper concerns Jeb Bush and common core, immigration and the Tea Party. Based on a small research and Jeb Bush’s statements, any moron would not consider Jeb Bush a viable candidate for the 2016 elections. Jeb Bush, though being the most liberal of the Bush Family, thinks more like a Democrat, than a Republican who respects the US Constitution and States’ Rights.

This paper will only consider three areas. These are: Common Core Education, immigration and the Tea Party. Although, this being enough, it does define, Jeb Bush in these areas.

Common Core Education

Jeb Bush’s support of common core education can only be in the money trail. Although, as a former Governor, he saw that the Gates’ Foundation gave a substantial amount of money to Florida schools. While Jeb Bush is a champion for education, if he becomes a presidential candidate and wins the presidency, we know where his loyalty lies in education. His support of common core is only in the money Bill Gates gave to his Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Being an “act of love” is far from the point. What do you say to those who came here legally, whether they are Iranian, Canadian, or Spanish? Too bad; so sad? Is this not a disservice to those who spent nearly $3,000 for citizenship and then give citizenship away free to illegal immigrants of any foreign country. What kind of a joke is this?

Although, there is a way to settle this and this way can be: All illegal immigrants older than 50 years of age can apply for a visitor’s VISA and no government benefits will be available to them. All children must renounce any dual citizenship and be a full and complete US citizen. This will also removes any “anchor” baby status and take a US citizenship test and successfully pass it. They must successfully pass it the first time, or self-deport and due to the length of time they have been in the US, they should not have any trouble passing it.

I agree that illegal immigrants are not hardened criminals, but, nevertheless, they are criminals by not obeying the law. Jeb Bush wants us to pass this off as nothing and again, what do you say to those who came here legally?

Tea Party

The rhetoric that Jeb Bush believes the Tea Party supports anti-government conspiracy theories. Based on unscientific poll numbers, the Tea Party activists’ straw poll indicated Jeb Bush came in at number 21 out of 22 people with 29% of the vote.

Jeb Bush, if he runs, he will be positioned to run with the GOP establishment and the establishment want to do away with the Tea Party. While he does cling to the idea that the Tea Party has offered nothing but nostalgia, he forgets that this country is based on the rule of law.

According to the Tea Party, which is a large conservative base, Jeb Bush advocates common core education and his support of illegal immigration. Although, Bush claims criticisms and conspiracy theories, the Tea Party has been hearing what educators have been saying and it is a federal encroachment on education.

In conclusion, Jeb Bush may have some good ideas such as school vouchers, but school vouchers will be no different than attending any other public school because of his support for common core education.

If we were to accept anything of common core, we should only accept true US History, to include who the contributors were, what major laws were passed; presidents do not pass laws, they sign and enforce, plus landmark decisions.  While there are other areas that could be acceptable, this is but a mention. But, common core promotes an illegitimate curriculum and it also promotes a socialist agenda and a religious agenda of Islam and here.

Education reform begins with guidelines, not dictatorship with the threat of losing taxpayer dollars the federal government earmarks for education. Education is the States’ business and responsibility; not the federal government. Our States and school districts know best what it takes to educate our new generations to come. Not Jeb Bush, nor the federal government.

The immigration laws that are on the books are sufficient. Each State needs to supplement the current immigration laws, which they have and each Governor needs to enforce these laws. Jeb Bush wants to set aside these immigration laws for this so-called “act of love”. The question is: how many “acts of love” are we going to deal with? When amnesty is given once, then it must be given again, and again.

The writer of the War Within The GOP, Alan Caruba, pretty well has a handle on things, but there are other problems as I see it. But, first, I too, came from a Democratic family, but my reason to be a Republican is totally different. My very first time voting was during Reagan’s re-election because during Carter’s term in office, we lost a lot of money to train with and Reagan restored that money. I was in the military from LBJ to Reagan.

“According to Gallup”, Gallup as well as most research firms has a bias, no matter how small or large the bias is. I personally have not been contacted by either Pew, Gallup, or Rasmussen. Within the past three decades, I would presume, Congress has been out of touch with the American people and I do not need Rasmussen to tell me that. Looking at what is happening, the direction of the Country was becoming a socialist nation, slowly and there was no Tea Party. Thanks to Obama, the Tea Party did not debut until 2010; essentially. If Obama was moving as slow as prior presidents and their administration, we would not have Tea Parties today.

While the Tea Parties have risen because of Obama, the establishment Republicans feel more threatened than the Democrats. Why, I say this, is because the Tea Party and the Democrats know where they stand and as long as they see themselves as enemies to each other, they can at least, respect each other’s opinions (maybe). The establishment Republican is nothing more than a fringe Democrat. Remember, Arlen Specter? He is the epitome of a politician speaking with a “forked” tongue.

Across the spectrum, internal debates will continue within the Republican Party. While various commentators will say, one way, or another, these commentators give you food for thought. Because of these commentators, they tend to define and re-define the GOP. Based on these definitions, the Democrats and other pundits attempt to define the Republicans as not caring and they succeed without much rebuttal from the Republicans. A true Republican must stand for what made America great, not on what feels good. A true Republican must be able to challenge the Democrat and their rhetoric. A true Republican must be able to continually expose the Democrat for who they really are. But, as I watch campaign after campaign, election after election, the Democrat defeats the Republican because they attack the Republican with fervor with no response from the Republican.

Considering Galston’s statement, the Tea Party offers nothing but nostalgia is far from the truth. The characterization of the GOP is somewhat to be dismissed also. The GOP for the most part operate with a single philosophy while exercising three ideologies. Much like the Baptist Church, they have 135 different sects within a single philosophy. There are three different sects of the GOP.

These three sects (ideologies) are problematic. One says, “my way, or the highway”, one says, “why can’t we just get along” and the other says, “leave me alone”. Respectively, RNC, Mainstream, Liberty Caucus. Irrespective of the ideologies, the philosophy must prevail, but it does not; same as the Baptist Church.

Although, the poorer gets poorer because of the Democratic programs, the true Republican thinks of ways to pull the poor out of poverty. The minimum wage problem can be settled by understanding what is appropriate to sustain the employer and the employee. Income inequality is purely subjective. What may be right for one industry may not be right for another industry. Even still, Industry “A” that may be located in three, or more states, the economy is different between the states.

When it comes to Karl Rove, I take exceptions. He acts too much like the elite class, but he does have some good points. Rove, although, being a Republican, he has the ideology of the RNC in which he will never give credibility to the Tea Party for electing Republicans to office.

While Alan Caruba emphatically states the GOP is not about the poor, but, the middle class. It is also agreeable that due to Democratic policies, both classes of people are sinking into poverty as-well-as those who are sinking further into poverty.

As a Republican myself, if we do not reverse this trend, I am afraid that those who are sinking further into poverty, will remain a permanent segment of the poor. While I believe that no one politician can create jobs; as some would like to believe, politicians can only create the environment for businesses and other job creators to expand their business and create more positions to fill. Reducing tax burdens will allow small businesses to restore jobs that were taken away through Democratic policies.

As stated earlier in this paper, politicians are out of touch with their constituency. Democrats state this quite well of the Republican. Conversely, Democrats say everything and anything to their constituency then turn their backs on them. Yet, these liberals keep believing the same talking points and they still get nothing.

The Mainstream Media, plus their pundits consistently repeat the Democratic talking points. Republicans understand the liberals are constantly making hay over this and the liberals, plus their MSM mouthpiece are actually providing fodder for the Republicans to use.

Concluding, this “war” in the Republican Party will never cease until we make it cease. When I say “we”, I mean “us”, the constituency of every politician. We must bring in “new” blood and replace the establishment Republicans. As these establishment Republicans keep getting re-elected, they lose touch with their constituency and become RINOs. The three ideologies of these Republicans need to be brought back in line with the Republican philosophy. There are too many Republicans who do not know, or understand the philosophy of the Republican Party and the Democrats capitalize on this and they cause a re-branding of the GOP.

Finally, we must bring to the “court of public opinion” and slug it out by exposing the failures and lies of the Democrat and show the voters the lies and deceit of the Democrat. Anything less, we may as well leave the lying liberal Democrat in office.

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