Posted by: Lloyd Becker | February 26, 2010

Obama’s healthcare Plan B

President Obama has done the Grand Finale of trying to get the GOP to buy off on this crudy healthcare package worth about 2.2 Trillion dollars.  What was he thinking? Trapping the Republicans like you would trap beavers?

Before Obama had come to this meeting he had his list added to the bill.   Since this meeting did not pan out well, Nancy and company will be working with Plan B.  With her back door dealing she may just get this pushed through.

Harry Reid kept denying that they will use the reconciliation procedure.  And of course we know that Reid has a hard time telling the truth.  I would suspect that this bill will be on the floor of the House before the next week is out then passed to the Senate.  This bill may pass without Bidens’ intervention to cast the deciding vote.  But as it is understood the House will have trouble with the senate version because it includes the funding for abortions.   Some of the democrats are pro-life, or does not want public funds used for abortions.  But if what Nancy Pelosi says is correct about not having the votes, the bill just may die, or stagnate until abortions are taken out.

If the House gets the public option provision put back in with the abortion funding taken out, it may get held up in the Senate.  Either way, I think there is trouble brewing for Obama to get this pushed through.  But then again the House may OK the original senate bill.  Then it would not need to return to the Senate and it will be sent to President Obama for signature.

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