Posted by: Lloyd Becker | March 22, 2010

Will Obamacare hold up to scrutiny?

Now that Obamacare care has passed, will it hold up to scrutiny?  These are the issues that will be presented to the federal courts.  Notwithstanding the US Constitution, the commerce clause in fact does not apply.  The federal government can regulate commerce when business is being conducted across state lines, but it cannot prescribe, or force people to purchase anything a seller has to offer.  In this case, the product is health insurance.

Health insurance is purely an individual choice, and not a mandate.  To fine an individual for not having health insurance is purely a power grab on the pocketbook, and puts money in the coffers of the federal government’s treasury department.

The new tax money that will be generated by the Obamacare tax hike will be spent towards other programs.  Essentially this will still leave people paying for something that will never be seen based on the date that Obamacare will be available to supposedly all people.  Obama’s plan to bankrupt this country is in the making now.  At this time Americans will financially suffer under this law until this law gets pushed back, or repealed.

As with all laws, the US Supreme Court must now look at this to determine whether it is constitutional, or not.  The Supreme Court knows it is not constitutional to force someone to purchase anything notwithstanding car insurance.  If forcing someone to buy something is constitutional, then the old adage of  “keeping up with the Joneses” would not be just a saying, but a mandate.  Even the judicial activists on the Supreme Court bench, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, and Sotomayor knows it is illegal to force someone to buy anything.  This Supreme Court knows it must declare this law unconstitutional and kill it.

The “Jobs Bill” that was recently signed into law will soon become moot after this healthcare bill is signed into law.  Employers all over the US will go into further lay-offs because of the additional tax burden they will have to bear.  Unemployment will again skyrocket only to newer heights.  Obama and his Leutenents will again raise taxes to recover lost revenue.  We will then be placed into a socialist state from which there will not be a recovery in the near future.  I am not an economist, nor an accountant.  This is just pure common sense.  To a socialist, there is no common sense; just coruption and power.

Eleven states are filing suit in federal court to challenge the constitutionality of this law.  But if the US Supreme Court does not pick this law up now, eventually it will come to them as an amicus brief, or whever court documents are needed.

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