Posted by: Lloyd Becker | March 25, 2010

Obama’s Shotgun Riders

What is the United States coming to?  Now, we have the US Department of  Education buying shotguns, and working with the IRS.  You can read the purchase order here –  (USDofED 27 each)  (IRS 60 each)

These shotguns are military grade combat models.  Don’t worry, they will be carrying 00 buck. 

I have no idea what Obama is doing, but yet I do because history tells me that it is going to repeat itself.  I have been constantly hearing about the definition of insanity, and perhaps this is it, again.  Since he signed this healthcare bill into law, he has been pressing for more power.  More power means more corruption, and soon we will be a corrupt nation.  Then we will be no different than England or Venzulea.

Once he can control the economy, then he can control us.  Now, with the US Department of Education, the IRS, and the unions he will have quite a number of people to begin to shut down any groups, and small communities.  In the days of Lenin; Stalin; Hitler; Mussolini, and Pol Pot, the number of dead probably numbered around 100 million people.  Obama has 300 million Americans to chose from, but which ones?

To shut down larger communites, he will need a different method.  He will need to use the military.  This is nothing new.  Just ask Lenin et al.  He is at this time building up his military to do just that.  But that is another blog.  Just be aware of the change we are getting and it is not good.

We Americans need to wake up!  We need to wake up FAST!!  Or our land will be lost to socialism and we will be unable to get it back.  If we make it to the elections this year, every seat needs to go to the GOP.  The GOP no matter what they have done in the past, are our best bet to stop Obama’s massive take over.  The republican you vote for cannot be a liberal, or a progressive.  Totally and completely conservative.  This person must look out for your interest as well as the interest of the country as a whole.  Be aware who you vote for, and who they are, and what they stand for.  We The People is who they must stand for; not themselves.

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