Posted by: Lloyd Becker | September 22, 2010

Teaparty Racist? or is Al Sharpton talking from his usual place?

Al Sharpton is up to his usual tricks again, as normal for whatever normal is to him.  His has very interestingly stated that the Teaparty is another group of the KKK.  Being that as it may, then why are there black members of the Teaparty?  All this tells us is that Al Sharpton and his bunch of idiots are trying to shut down people who believe in the Constitution.

Al Sharpton as we know from his past, he is a Maoist.  If he could, I would believe that as Mao killed 70 Million people, what would another few mean?  He was trained by his school teachers to be Marxist.  What else is there for him to believe?  He believes in the “Land of Opportunity” for himself to speak his mind, but only for him and no one else.  Anything contrary to his ideology is unrepresented and out of bounds.

Al Sharpton’s demeanor is such that he believes that he is untouchable and he can say anything this he wants.  I have been through the race riots of the 1960s and 1970s and from everything that I am seeing today since Obama got in office, our country is heading down that path again.  Since Obama has made racial comments and allegations, Sharpton thinks he can make them also.

Al Sharpton’s reference to the Teaparty as another bunch of KKK, would have an interesting effect because the KKK believes in hanging black folks, Jim Crow Laws and other segregation elements of keeping the “colored” separate from the whites.  we all know that Al sharpton is a progressive, liberal democrat.  So was the KKK.  The KKK was not an “equality” type of people.  Any Republican, or black was fair game and if you got your head in a noose, so be it.  But Sharpton is an exploiter of black people, and an enemy of others.  If the real history of the KKK were to be taught, I particularly think that nearly all of the folks would be republican, but somehow most of the black folks are blind to the real history and the liberals have basically removed that from teaching our children.  Our children need to know this stuff because with people like Sharpton and his cast of goofys, they will just go away.  Even considering that, then, WHY?? are most of the black people democrat?  Democrats have a long standing history of being racist, but yet they push it off onto others and call them racist.

Al Sharpton states that Glenn Beck has hijacked MLK’s imagery and symbolism of 8/28.  Glenn Beck, as I see it has reminded people that we came a long way and we should still be thinking about GOD and country and our Constitution.  But Al Sharpton thinks that only blacks can evoke the memory of MLK and from the looks of it, not even Elvida King has the right to even talk about her Uncle.  Democrats have lots of agendas, but we know to keep the country divided is one of them.

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