Posted by: Lloyd Becker | February 27, 2012

Bypassing Congress

As the Hill’s, Alicia M. Cohen reported on 2/24/2012, President Obama will be bypassing Congress by using Executive Orders again.  We must remember that the US Constitution sets up three branches of government.  These are to provide the checks and balances we need to make sure that one branch does not over ride another.

Governors that were included in this possible ursurpation of Congress are Governors, Jerry Brown – CA; Jay Nixon – MO; O’Malley; Christine Gregoire – WA; Bev Perdue – NC; Peter Shumlin – VT; Neil Abercrombie – HI; Deval Patrick – MA and Pat Quinn – IL, all democrats.  Because of Obama’s opposition to Congress, it sets up a conspiracy to commit treason.  As if he had not done this before in the past, now he has co-conspirators.

While I am familar with two states, Jerry Brown will snap at anything because he is a spendthrift with the people of California’s money and just cannot stop himself.  $15 billion in debt, Gregoire behind him in about $6 billion in debt, or more and she is a spendthrift doing the same and they will do anything to tax more people.  The flagrant attempt to create jobs while taxing the job creators is just plain stupid and they are stupid.

The basic reason Republicans do not mention jobs is because to create the amount of jobs that will put America back to work again is that massive cuts in the tax rate must happen.  Money hungry, taxing democrats will not hear of it.  Divisive cultural issues are the things that democrats want in the forefront of the conversation.  They will exploit all minorities given their track record starting as early as the Ku Klux Klan.  Although it is quite illegal to hang a republican along side a black, but they have refined their method and message to say it was the republican who are racist.  It is a constant that democrats make republicans talk about racial issues is because they believe in the more they do this political hack job, the more it makes to republicans look bad.  The democrats cannot erase approximately 137 years of racism and their Jim Crow laws, so they continually use the republicans as a scapegoat to their rhetoric.

These Governors now need to be investigated for the possibility of a treasonous act of bypassing congress.  Since Eric Holder will do everything possible, to include flipping the race card himself, will not hold Obama accountable and as it is anyway, he will protect Obama to his last breath.

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