Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 5, 2012

The Teaparty, the GOP and Dr. Staff

As we continue to approach the end of the GOP nomination process, we really need to consider who is to be the ultimate winner of the contest.

I have not particularly thrown my lot in with any candidate, but I tend to take a different view.  I am a Teapartier, plus a 9-12’er.  I am speaking on my own behalf and not a representative of the Teaparty proper, or as the 9-12 group, but if any person who agrees with my writings, I welcome their concurrence.

The Teaparty and the 9-12’ers look to the US Constitution for guidance, (as I understand it), for how things need to be.  Less taxes and small government, just to name a couple.  The United States has been on the march to socialism for at least 100+ years and Obama had made it very evident since he took office.  The point I take is this.  America used to be a very prosperous nation.  We used to have jobs and employers were able to pay the workforce, plus they still had help wanted signs posted looking for more workers.

I know the readers of my paper will be liberals as well as conservatives.  People know in order to have money in their pockets, they need to have a job and to have a job, there needs to be less taxes.  The lesser the taxes on the employer, means more jobs the employer will open up.

I invite all liberals, progressives and democrats to attend these Teaparty functions and learn; not to heckle, what it means to have less taxes, less government intrusion in your life, both personally and financially so you can support your family.  While the Teaparty and the 9-12’ers support the conservative base, it is just fitting to talk about the GOP.

Compared to the democrat, the GOP is extremely conservative.  This observation is incorrect to outside observers.  Inside the GOP, you have that spectrum moderate to ultra-conservative.  Me, I am a little further than the ultra-conservative.  But, we have four people who are in contest to be the GOP nominee.

As I see it, all four contenders have good ideas and I think parts of each of their platforms should be incorporated into one platform.  Although, that would be nice, but, it is not possible.  Considering, if it were possible, then we would be looking for Dr. Staff.  Dr. Staff has all the qualities everyone is looking for, including employers.  Dr. Staff knows all about foreign policy, he knows everything about the economy and its functions, he is a great leader, he knows everything.

Remember, in our college days when we were taking 100/200 level classes, the instructors’ name was Staff.  No matter what the class we took, Humanities, English, Math, or Art, Staff knew it all.

What makes it troublesome, the GOP/conservative is looking for this Dr. Staff, a non-existent person.  But, when it all falls out, I will throw my lot in with the GOP nominee.  This may not be the best way of approaching this, but until someone shows me a better way, then this will need to stand.

In conclusion, the Teaparty, the 9-12’ers and the GOP along with other voters, need to rally around the nominee to ensure a win.

Obama and his policies along with Reid and Pelosi literally screwed up our economy, refused to set a budget and passed a boondoggle called Obamacare.  The liberal three did not want a budget, they wanted a blank check.

We, as a country of free people need to rein in this governmental monstrosity and rally around the GOP nominee, get him elected and start the repairs.  Repairing this country will not be an overnight job.  It took a 100+ years to get where we are now, so, how many years will it take to fix this?  Remember, for us, Greece is just around the corner.

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