Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 7, 2012

Obama and the GOP Candidate

As we come closer, and closer to the big day, when the GOP nominee will emerge by gaining the nomination through garnering the necessary delegates.  Through this emergence, it is predicted that Mitt Romney will win the nomination.  This is only a prediction and not anything else.  But, before I get to Romney, let me talk about the other candidates.

I am not going into any sordid details, or any other hoopla of that nature, but certain highlights can be interesting to some degree.  Mind you, all of these people are nice, but their personal life got in the way, or maybe their platform was just not right.  The democrats were not bashful when making hay in highlighting Herman Cain’s affairs – if that is what you want to call it, Santorum was a bit flip-floppy on some issues, but it got my attention when he endorsed Romney for the last presidential run.  Newt Gingrich, besides shooting himself in the foot about his divorces, covertly, I think that he and Nancy Pelosi have had some thought patterns that are alike, such as global warming.  Ron Paul although I respect him, but his ideas more, or less lean towards anarchy.

In getting to Mitt Romney, his so-called failings is being a Mormon and Romneycare.  This has been talked about on both sides, Democrats and Republicans.  The only major problem is Romney’s mouth.  He needs to ensure not to talk about his money, cars and anything else the Democrats will jump on.  What is interesting, when JFK won the presidency, the media was a buzz because an Irish Catholic became a president.  And, so, Mitt is a Mormon.  No different than when JFK got elected.

Obama as we know, he can’t run on his record.  He has a disastrous record and there is no way he can get re-elected.  He can only resort to smear campaigns, class warfare and race-carding, or race-baiting.

When the battle finally comes down to, and I will presume it will be Romney, Obamas’ battle plan will be to portray him as uncaring as liberals generally portray Republicans.  Romney needs to keep hammering on Obama’s record.  Obama will continue to push distractions, but Romney needs to stay focused.

Romney can do this; for every distraction that comes, a distraction needs to be returned.  Example?

True example as reported by an investigative reporter:  Obama visited his mother in Pakistan back in 1980 and 1981.  The Obamas also have CIA connections and the question is where did Barack Obama Jr. get his passport?  Why was BHO Jr. backed by the CIA during the Soviet-Afghanistan Conflict?  We need to remember that the CIA was beefing up its activities in its anti-Soviet operations in 1977 and Barack Obama was in Afghanistan at the time.

Even though BHO sealed his records by Executive Order, not everything got sealed.  There is still too much out there.  The CIA does not do this without a purpose and what was their purpose with BHO Jr.?

Ann Dunham has had close ties with USAID and as this article goes, it states that USAID was a front for other things that involved the Ford Foundation in with Timothy Geithner’s father, Peter Geithner was ensuring money was being funneled to Indonesia.

Madelyn Dunham, BHO’s grandmother was handling escrow accounts which entailed money laundering through major CIA money laundering fronts in Honolulu.

So, is there any other connections, that people need to be aware of?

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