Posted by: Lloyd Becker | November 16, 2012

Muslims and Critics

Muslims seem to be out of touch of reality when they say they want different standards to be judged by; Sharia v. US Constitution.  Why would a Muslim desire this type of treatment?  Women, primarily, should balk at this because it puts them on the wrong end of the equation.

Women suffer the most peril through Islamic Law by being subject to honor killings, stoning and other concerns that could lock them up for life, or sentence them to death.  Blasphemy laws are another concern, but, Islamic women driving cars, may put them in jail.  In the Qur’an, Chapter 4, Al Nisa, gives the entire picture of how women are treated under Islam.  Muhammad saw to that when the Qur’an was being written.  One of the biggest questions I have, is why do Muslim women support the Qur’an and Muhammad when they know they are unfairly treated.  Al Nisa even strips women of their inheritance rights when a husband dies; and if she has a son, he gets everything while she gets nothing except by what the son gives her.

Although, nearly 50% of the Muslims believe criticism of Islam should be a crime with some saying it should have the death penalty attached to it.  The Muslims also know that the United States is a polytheistic country and that not one specific religion is practiced.

Considering, if a law was actually enacted a law of what the Muslims seek, then the blasphemy law must cover all religions; not just one.  Cults should also be considered, because of the quasi nature of their belief.  Muslims need to be careful of what they ask for, because if they get it, they may not be happy with the results.

As the voting results of the Muslims greatly favor Obama, the concerns of the Muslims were the same concerns as expressed by the other American people.  Jobs, the economy and others.  CAIRs’ poll also indicated that the democrats were friendly towards them and knew how to talk to them.  The point of the democrats is the same point of socialists and communists; say those things that people want to hear.

This has been a practice of the democrats for years and still they are not at a loss for gullible people.  Whereas, the Republicans are not looking for gullible people and they exercise the type of honesty that tells people what they need to hear; not what they want to hear.  Yes, lies are told on both sides of the aisle, but more so with the democrats.

The Muslims should, as I tell everyone else, research these democrats.  Because what they will find is not what the democrat will hope you find.  The history of the democrats include racism, Jim Crow Laws, abortions and intimidation and murders through the Ku Klux Klan.  Racism is a trait that runs deep with democrats.  They hung Republicans along-side the black on the same tree defending the rights of black people.  Republicans believe in equality of the people.

CAIRs’ survey also indicated that 35% of Muslims complained of profiling.  We need to understand that in all societies and cultures, there are good people and bad people across the spectrum.  It is the radicals of Islam that ruins it for the rest of the Muslims.  Muslims claim their religion is one of peace, but, when another person reads the Qur’an, they read how much of a warring book it is.  Muslims have made war against the Christians and the Jews for centuries.  The question continues to beg itself, if Islam is supposed to be a peaceable religion, then why are they still murdering and warring against Christians and Jews?  What tends to be more interesting is why the Jew?  The Jew and the Muslim are monotheistic.  I don’t see the big deal here.  But, Muhammad must have had a problem with that because in Surah 5:59-60, he says the People of the Book are apes and swine.  Based on this definition, he was talking about the Christian and the Jew.  Is it not true that the Qur’an is a book?  The reality is that everyone in every religion are People of the Book.  Unless you were there during that time of history writing these “books”, then we are nothing but People of the Book.

Although, in the complaint of profiling, the peace-loving Muslim needs to police those radical Islamists to reduce, or eliminate those extremists who are terrorists, shihadis and others by any and all means possible.

I understand some of the problems of the Muslims, but, not enough to sympathize.  Muslims want special treatment primarily in the laws.  There are only two states, in which there should be none, that judges use Sharia is in Michigan and in Florida.  But, in order to be judged by those standards, Muslims need to live in those states.

But, getting back to the Muslims voting and the problems of the country.  Let me expound upon two other items.  It is well known that Islam frowns upon homosexuality.  Muhammad in his Hadith said to kill them (paraphrased).  In the 1980s, or sometime well before he married Michelle, his wife, he was reported to be married to a Pakistani man.  There is a picture of him with his Grandmother Sarah in Kenya with a wedding ring on his hand.

The second item is abortion.  While I hear nothing from the Muslim community, does this silence mean the Muslim community condones abortions?  If so, then they are in good company with Obama.  Obama believes in abortions to the point of infanticide.  Based on failed abortions, when babies are born alive, they are placed in a room where they can cry, squeal and die.

In closing, criticism of Islam would be in the normal means as any other religions.  The peaceable Muslims need to eradicate the radicals and terrorists from the religion.  Zealots, we have in all religions, but, there is a difference between proselytizing and killing people.

Muslims need to research the democrats and their platform.  Democrats have simply learned how and what to say to politically ignorant people; no matter who they are.  Since the Muslim does not support homosexuality, why does the Muslim vote for homosexuality?  Quite a number of Muslims have college degrees.  These graduates have learned how to do research.

Lastly, when Muslims learn and understand who the democrats are, talk to the Republicans and learn who they are and you will be glad you did.

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