Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 3, 2014

Are We Wasting Time, Money and Energy on Higher Learning?

This article is prompted by an article I read.  To give credit, where credit is due, Michael Snyder’s article is from the Freedom Outpost and it gave me some information that I can use for this article.

When considering a college, whether a junior college, or a college/university that can take a new student from day one and graduate them with a doctoral degree.  One thing the student needs to be aware of is that over 90% of all higher learning institutions have in common is that they are liberal and they basically hire liberal professors with socialist or communist leanings.

Based on this opening, let me give some insights on whether a degree is a waste of time and money.

In this economy, education is more of a slaughter house venue because there are no jobs available enough to employ degreed people within their chosen field.  People who would not necessarily go to college, will go to college and of those who graduate, some should not graduate.  Yet, with this knowledge, professors know that if too many people fail, funding from the financial aid system will become at risk.

Like the author, Mr. Snyder, I spent considerable time in college.  The basic difference between Mr. Snyder and I, is that he writes articles for work and I am just a carrier of college degrees.  Because of Obamacare, one of the fastest growing fields is healthcare management and I have one of these degrees.  But, I also have an MBA.

The statement of having a college education was good advice if you were in college in the 1960s; 1970s and the 1980s.  A Bachelors’ degree with continuing education was all that was needed to land a job.  Today, not so much.  There are no guarantees of getting a job.  The only guarantee anyone has is from graduation to the unemployment line.  In my estimation (not scientific; just observation), for every five, or six graduates, one gets hired.  This excludes those who are working while getting a college degree.

Using my estimation, the hiring ratio of 6:1, with the median-debt load of $57,600 (Snyder), five students are going to default at a significant amount of $288,000.  Given any one institution that graduates 600 students per quarter, the default in loans, then is $28,800,000.  Whereas, the 100 other students will find jobs, to pay for their school loans.  Multiply that by four graduating quarters and you have a default of $115,200,000.

The quality of education at the Associates level is bad and it does not prepare a student for higher levels of education.  Although, the education is not as good as it should be, people are going to college, with the hopes of getting a job after college.  Until then, with the influx of students, tuition and books have skyrocketed and the level of education remains the same.  (This sounds like Economics 101, Supply and Demand).

As for civics, colleges do not teach civics and to tell you the truth, neither does high school.  Every college graduate should know the very basics of civics, but, as I indicated earlier, colleges hire liberal professors who very much lean towards socialism, or communism.  The purpose of this is to wipe away the rich history and the contributors who made the United States what it is today.  College professors talking about how great the United States is, does not fit into their narrative, but communism does.  But, it gets worse.  K-12 school teachers have the same basic philosophy.

Schools overall, albeit, K-12, or colleges, all go by one simple rule, educate some; indoctrinate more.  The indoctrination process is more of collectivism.  Training the individual mind in “how” to think is going by the wayside and communism is beginning to show, more and more.

In closing, colleges do have a place, but, with the same level of education, these professors provide, the student and financial aid is throwing money down a rabbit hole, or a toilet (which ever you prefer).  As I have seen through the three degrees I have, the institutions I attended did not have any civics in these curriculums.

Any institution that graduates students will generally end up in the unemployment line with an excessive student loan.  School teachers are dumbing down the student and by the time the college professors finish with the student, the student will be uniformed, voting as a democrat who believes in communism.

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