Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 3, 2014

Common Core High-Stakes Testing and Teacher Evaluations

Common core an educational standard we don’t need. Besides not being developed by educators, it will fail the children on the worlds’ stage. It will dumb down the children to a point of having very little education and transform children to believe lies that they will accept as truths.

While there are many facets to these illegitimate standards, this paper is to address common core high-stakes testing and teacher evaluations. To begin with, Bill Gates is the driving force behind tying teacher evaluations to the test scores of the student. Also, within this evaluation process, the building principal will be required to stack-rank their teachers.

Stack-ranking will begin to eliminate teachers. How this will happen, teachers will be placed into three categories. These categories could be named any title, but what these categories do is place the lower ranked teacher for elimination. It does not bode well for any teacher, because if the teacher is not eliminated in the first or second round of evaluations, they may be eliminated on the next round.

As teachers are being eliminated, union membership, or seniority will have no bearing in who gets eliminated. This will also affect teachers who are tenured. Common core is expected to be fully implemented by the end of the school year 2017. At that time, teachers will be eliminated through stack-ranking.

Teachers who accept common core will accept all other areas. This includes stack-ranking. Stack-ranking is not new. It was first introduced by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Bill Gates copied the idea of stack-ranking from Jack Welch and during this time, this style of evaluations was in process at Microsoft, Microsoft lost numerous software engineers and so, as it will be for teachers.

One will need to consider the field of teaching. What will high school students do when they consider to become a teacher? Teachers losing their jobs through stack-ranking, no high school graduate will consider teaching.
To solve this problem is to have everyone, parents and educators, plus the teachers’ union; by whatever name they go by, needs to remove common core education. While common core education is no good for the student, it is worse for the teacher.

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