Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 5, 2014

Politically Correct Islam? I Think Not!

When people are being politically correct about Islam, it is problematic. It will lead to the United States’ undoing as a polytheistic nation which, in its make-up, accepts people from all walks of life who carry their own religious belief system. Islam, on the other hand, is highly intolerant of any religion other than itself.

Conservatives and liberals alike defend Islam, even when they are forced to take sides in a debate. Islam is not a religion of peace, no matter what any Muslim can tell you. The Qur’an, tells the Muslim that Christians and Jews cannot live in peace with each other because the Muslim children in their schools; called madrassas, are taught to hate Christians and Jews, plus, as stated in the Qur’an, Christians and Jews are from apes and swine. The Qur’an also refers to the Christians and Jews as the “People of the Book”. The problem is, is that Muslims are People of the Book also. Christians use the Holy Bible, the Jews use the Holy Scriptures. Muslims, use the Qur’an; each, a book!

When we saw the news after Morsi took over Egypt as their leader, 42 or 44 Coptic Christians were murdered in the name of Islam and honor killings began. Mubarak, though a dictator, kept the Christians safe as well as he could and kept the peace between Israel and Egypt. What was the difference? The Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi, called for the murder of Egyptian Christians where Mubarak did not.

In the madrassas, Islam is taught. In our public schools, teachers are teaching social studies which includes a full chapter on Islam, with hardly any reference to other religions. Under common core education, Islam will be rigorously taught, but, will there be any problems associated with this? Let’s take a look.

As school teachers are proselyzing the children into Islam, female school teachers will eventually end up wearing burkas, or at a minimum, hijabs. Islam is a man’s world, period, dot! These school teachers and school districts in general, are supporting Islam in wake of this teaching. Women will become second class citizens, if that. Women will be subject to honor killings and if they file for divorce, most likely they will be killed by their husbands for dishonor.

Liberals, conservatives and politicians need to re-think their positions and priorities. While this may be an excellent venue to get rid of bitchy wives, it is still murder, plus a way to get rid of idiot children. Islam and Islamic Law allow men to kill any member of their family based on the word “honor”. In China, or Japan, when losing “face” (honor), people are not killed. They lose their standing; not their lives.

Being politically correct towards Islam, stating it is a religion of peace is an absolute misnomer and a lie. The reality is, the stupid liberals and conservatives are enabling the take-over of the United States by kowtowing to this religion that wants to kill Christians and Jews.

During the days of King Richard, the Pope knew Islam was an evil religion. History teachers would tell us the Holy Wars, or the Crusades were going on in that time of world history, but they purposely failed to say why the Holy Wars began. The Jews were also battling the Muslims during the days of David, when David fought Goliath. Although, the Islamic religion was not known then, or invented, Palestine was and Palestine, today is Islamic.

Returning to the teachers, more specifically, the teachers’ unions (NEA/AFT), besides supporting the teaching of Islam, they are also supporting homosexuality. I must stop, for the moment to state this. In Genesis 19 of the Holy Bible and the Holy Scriptures (First Book of Moses), homosexuality is stated as an abomination. In the Qur’an, it is the same. As it was stated, fire and brimstone fell on Sodom and Gomorrah. In the Qur’an, it was twice stated that hot clods of clay fell on those cities. No matter which Holy Book one reads, the outcome was the same; to destroy the homosexual.

But, here comes the interesting part. While teachers are teaching homosexuality is OK, they are indoctrinating students into Islam. Christ teaches us tolerance, Islam does not. While teachers are proselyzing through social studies for Islam and teaching tolerance for homosexuality, they are playing with a lit match, burning at both ends and fingers will be burned. Through common core education, this education will provide an explosive venue of a sizable proportion that people will never forget.

Considering, there are approximately 35 Muslim terrorist camps and here, spread throughout the United States, when it is time for jihad, the proselyzed school children will join in the jihad. School children will have an advantage of knowing who the homosexuals are by virtue of being in school with them. The point is this: line up a homosexual, a Jew and a Christian the homosexual will be the first to die because Muhammad said to kill them and he said this without reservation; kill them! Yet, the “Religion of Peace” is still murdering Christians today at any chance they can get. A 25-year old Christian gets murdered for taking medicine to a sick woman.

Teachers who study and teach social studies know Islamic women are being violated within that culture, yet, afraid of being branded as “phobic”, they refuse to say anything when the truth is on their side. Teachers need to understand that Muslims are guilty of atrocities to their women and the Muslims hide it behind the veil of religion. When teachers learn to tell the truth about Islam, the Muslims will claim to be a victim of Islamophobia. Every school teacher in every school district needs to view the documentary, Honor Diaries. Teachers need to teach their students the truth about Islam and if the teachers remain compliant to Islam, they too, will be subject to Islam and its atrocities to women.

Concluding, Islam is an evil religion which has no tolerance for people of other faiths. Common core education by school teachers will indoctrinate children of other faiths into Islam while teaching tolerance to homosexuality. The twain of these two shall never meet and it becomes a deadly combination of survival.

The religious culture of the United States is polytheistic and by removing, or destroying these faiths and replacing it with Islam, it will reprocess the United States into a man’s world where women will lose the many rights which they fought for. Are we as a religious culture willing to roll-over and have our bellies scratched like a dog? The US Army and the US Air Force has and the Christian and Jews are being ostracized and being removed for stating their faith.

So, I ask you. Are you willing to roll-over like a dog? Or, are you willing to take a stand for your religious liberties? The choice is yours.

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