Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 19, 2014

The War Continues Within The GOP; When Will It Stop? When The Voters Stop It.

The writer of the War Within The GOP, Alan Caruba, pretty well has a handle on things, but there are other problems as I see it. But, first, I too, came from a Democratic family, but my reason to be a Republican is totally different. My very first time voting was during Reagan’s re-election because during Carter’s term in office, we lost a lot of money to train with and Reagan restored that money. I was in the military from LBJ to Reagan.

“According to Gallup”, Gallup as well as most research firms has a bias, no matter how small or large the bias is. I personally have not been contacted by either Pew, Gallup, or Rasmussen. Within the past three decades, I would presume, Congress has been out of touch with the American people and I do not need Rasmussen to tell me that. Looking at what is happening, the direction of the Country was becoming a socialist nation, slowly and there was no Tea Party. Thanks to Obama, the Tea Party did not debut until 2010; essentially. If Obama was moving as slow as prior presidents and their administration, we would not have Tea Parties today.

While the Tea Parties have risen because of Obama, the establishment Republicans feel more threatened than the Democrats. Why, I say this, is because the Tea Party and the Democrats know where they stand and as long as they see themselves as enemies to each other, they can at least, respect each other’s opinions (maybe). The establishment Republican is nothing more than a fringe Democrat. Remember, Arlen Specter? He is the epitome of a politician speaking with a “forked” tongue.

Across the spectrum, internal debates will continue within the Republican Party. While various commentators will say, one way, or another, these commentators give you food for thought. Because of these commentators, they tend to define and re-define the GOP. Based on these definitions, the Democrats and other pundits attempt to define the Republicans as not caring and they succeed without much rebuttal from the Republicans. A true Republican must stand for what made America great, not on what feels good. A true Republican must be able to challenge the Democrat and their rhetoric. A true Republican must be able to continually expose the Democrat for who they really are. But, as I watch campaign after campaign, election after election, the Democrat defeats the Republican because they attack the Republican with fervor with no response from the Republican.

Considering Galston’s statement, the Tea Party offers nothing but nostalgia is far from the truth. The characterization of the GOP is somewhat to be dismissed also. The GOP for the most part operate with a single philosophy while exercising three ideologies. Much like the Baptist Church, they have 135 different sects within a single philosophy. There are three different sects of the GOP.

These three sects (ideologies) are problematic. One says, “my way, or the highway”, one says, “why can’t we just get along” and the other says, “leave me alone”. Respectively, RNC, Mainstream, Liberty Caucus. Irrespective of the ideologies, the philosophy must prevail, but it does not; same as the Baptist Church.

Although, the poorer gets poorer because of the Democratic programs, the true Republican thinks of ways to pull the poor out of poverty. The minimum wage problem can be settled by understanding what is appropriate to sustain the employer and the employee. Income inequality is purely subjective. What may be right for one industry may not be right for another industry. Even still, Industry “A” that may be located in three, or more states, the economy is different between the states.

When it comes to Karl Rove, I take exceptions. He acts too much like the elite class, but he does have some good points. Rove, although, being a Republican, he has the ideology of the RNC in which he will never give credibility to the Tea Party for electing Republicans to office.

While Alan Caruba emphatically states the GOP is not about the poor, but, the middle class. It is also agreeable that due to Democratic policies, both classes of people are sinking into poverty as-well-as those who are sinking further into poverty.

As a Republican myself, if we do not reverse this trend, I am afraid that those who are sinking further into poverty, will remain a permanent segment of the poor. While I believe that no one politician can create jobs; as some would like to believe, politicians can only create the environment for businesses and other job creators to expand their business and create more positions to fill. Reducing tax burdens will allow small businesses to restore jobs that were taken away through Democratic policies.

As stated earlier in this paper, politicians are out of touch with their constituency. Democrats state this quite well of the Republican. Conversely, Democrats say everything and anything to their constituency then turn their backs on them. Yet, these liberals keep believing the same talking points and they still get nothing.

The Mainstream Media, plus their pundits consistently repeat the Democratic talking points. Republicans understand the liberals are constantly making hay over this and the liberals, plus their MSM mouthpiece are actually providing fodder for the Republicans to use.

Concluding, this “war” in the Republican Party will never cease until we make it cease. When I say “we”, I mean “us”, the constituency of every politician. We must bring in “new” blood and replace the establishment Republicans. As these establishment Republicans keep getting re-elected, they lose touch with their constituency and become RINOs. The three ideologies of these Republicans need to be brought back in line with the Republican philosophy. There are too many Republicans who do not know, or understand the philosophy of the Republican Party and the Democrats capitalize on this and they cause a re-branding of the GOP.

Finally, we must bring to the “court of public opinion” and slug it out by exposing the failures and lies of the Democrat and show the voters the lies and deceit of the Democrat. Anything less, we may as well leave the lying liberal Democrat in office.

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