Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 29, 2014

Jeb Bush: Really?

This paper concerns Jeb Bush and common core, immigration and the Tea Party. Based on a small research and Jeb Bush’s statements, any moron would not consider Jeb Bush a viable candidate for the 2016 elections. Jeb Bush, though being the most liberal of the Bush Family, thinks more like a Democrat, than a Republican who respects the US Constitution and States’ Rights.

This paper will only consider three areas. These are: Common Core Education, immigration and the Tea Party. Although, this being enough, it does define, Jeb Bush in these areas.

Common Core Education

Jeb Bush’s support of common core education can only be in the money trail. Although, as a former Governor, he saw that the Gates’ Foundation gave a substantial amount of money to Florida schools. While Jeb Bush is a champion for education, if he becomes a presidential candidate and wins the presidency, we know where his loyalty lies in education. His support of common core is only in the money Bill Gates gave to his Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Being an “act of love” is far from the point. What do you say to those who came here legally, whether they are Iranian, Canadian, or Spanish? Too bad; so sad? Is this not a disservice to those who spent nearly $3,000 for citizenship and then give citizenship away free to illegal immigrants of any foreign country. What kind of a joke is this?

Although, there is a way to settle this and this way can be: All illegal immigrants older than 50 years of age can apply for a visitor’s VISA and no government benefits will be available to them. All children must renounce any dual citizenship and be a full and complete US citizen. This will also removes any “anchor” baby status and take a US citizenship test and successfully pass it. They must successfully pass it the first time, or self-deport and due to the length of time they have been in the US, they should not have any trouble passing it.

I agree that illegal immigrants are not hardened criminals, but, nevertheless, they are criminals by not obeying the law. Jeb Bush wants us to pass this off as nothing and again, what do you say to those who came here legally?

Tea Party

The rhetoric that Jeb Bush believes the Tea Party supports anti-government conspiracy theories. Based on unscientific poll numbers, the Tea Party activists’ straw poll indicated Jeb Bush came in at number 21 out of 22 people with 29% of the vote.

Jeb Bush, if he runs, he will be positioned to run with the GOP establishment and the establishment want to do away with the Tea Party. While he does cling to the idea that the Tea Party has offered nothing but nostalgia, he forgets that this country is based on the rule of law.

According to the Tea Party, which is a large conservative base, Jeb Bush advocates common core education and his support of illegal immigration. Although, Bush claims criticisms and conspiracy theories, the Tea Party has been hearing what educators have been saying and it is a federal encroachment on education.

In conclusion, Jeb Bush may have some good ideas such as school vouchers, but school vouchers will be no different than attending any other public school because of his support for common core education.

If we were to accept anything of common core, we should only accept true US History, to include who the contributors were, what major laws were passed; presidents do not pass laws, they sign and enforce, plus landmark decisions.  While there are other areas that could be acceptable, this is but a mention. But, common core promotes an illegitimate curriculum and it also promotes a socialist agenda and a religious agenda of Islam and here.

Education reform begins with guidelines, not dictatorship with the threat of losing taxpayer dollars the federal government earmarks for education. Education is the States’ business and responsibility; not the federal government. Our States and school districts know best what it takes to educate our new generations to come. Not Jeb Bush, nor the federal government.

The immigration laws that are on the books are sufficient. Each State needs to supplement the current immigration laws, which they have and each Governor needs to enforce these laws. Jeb Bush wants to set aside these immigration laws for this so-called “act of love”. The question is: how many “acts of love” are we going to deal with? When amnesty is given once, then it must be given again, and again.

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