Posted by: Lloyd Becker | February 16, 2016

The New Hampshire Debate and More

As pundits come and go and commenters also, they think they have the monopoly on saying what they think.  In this paper, I am offering my observation of this Republican debate which happened in New Hampshire.

As expected, the feud between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz is still ongoing.  Only it took a different twist this time.  Cruz caught Rubio red-handed with an interview with Univision.  As reported, Rubio still wants amnesty for the 11+ million people who are here illegally and will not close the border between Mexico and the United States.  Rubio shot back at Cruz saying that, he does not speak Spanish.  Whether Cruz speaks Spanish, or not, there are other people that do.

Rubio has a significant problem.  He was a member of the Gang of Eight.  He has skin in the game.  This bill created amnesty, a path to citizenship and federal benefits.  One main function of federal benefits is Social Security.  If Rubio becomes the next president, we can be assured that this amnesty bill will pass because as I understand it, Paul Ryan likes Marco Rubio and the bill will pass in the House and because Rubio being the president, it will pass in the Senate.  We will be stuck with legalized, illegals.  They will also have the ability to vote and collect Social Security checks without working a day in their life.  They will also have Medicare.

This will fly into the face of hard working Americans who worked for these benefits from the time they were old enough to hold a job and now benefits are given to people who are not entitled to have them.

The Trump/Cruz feud escalated further when Cruz was caught lying about Trump in a robo-call.  Cruz and company, was caught lying in Iowa when he stole votes from Carson and now he is trying to steal votes again in New Hampshire.  Cruz also sent voting flyers to numerous people in Iowa telling them to fix their voting record they need to vote for Cruz.

Although, I find the Tea Party is supporting Ted Cruz.  I get these surveys and I did not vote for Cruz.  What I also find is this.  The Tea Party did not provide the results of the vote.  They stated they received 2 million votes and Ted Cruz was the winner.  Looking at the candidates, which candidate was supported by the Tea Party before he ever considered running for president.  Now, as we have it, Ted Cruz is doing nothing more than what Obama did when he first ran for the presidency.  Besides lying and cheating where he can get away with it, the only difference between Obama and Cruz, is that Obama had multiple things on a number of people running for the same office.  Hillary was victim to this and considering her shady background, one can understand why she gave up.  I still believe to this day, if not for the shenanigans of Obama, she would have been the president.

The New Hampshire debate was especially heated.  One thing I observed was, it was attack Trump night.  While there were multiple boos that night, one can surmise the RNC was basically behind this attack.  The RNC has no business in the primaries, yet from the beginning of Trumps’ announcement of running for president, the Chairman of the RNC was trying to oust him.  The only place for the RNC is to back the nominee for president; whoever that will be.

Donald Trump is the only person in this race who is self-financed.  No other candidate can say this.  Even the Koch Brothers do not want Trump in the mix.  There are too many, backroom/smokehouse deals going on and with Trump ending on the stage accepting the nomination will throw a number of monkey-wrenches in their dealings.

Every financed candidate will owe their donors and the donors will own them until paid back and this is where these backroom deals come from.

Jeb Bush is a funny piece of work.  Jeb just does not ask for the voters to vote for him, he is begging for those votes.  He has nothing new to offer and he is beholden to Bill Gates because he gave a million dollars to his Florida Education Foundation and Bill Gates is a supporter of common core education.  With all the money Jeb has blown on his candidacy, he could have bought Michael Moore’s mansions, five times or more.  As of late, it has been found that Jeb Bush used eminent domain for private purposes as well as his brother, George.  GW is a partner of the Rangers and is still gaining money from the baseball field in Arlington, TX and this was done when he was the Governor of Texas.

The RNC faces special problems.  If Jeb Bush should drop from the race, it will force the RNC to support Marco Rubio as the alternate to Jeb Bush.  Jeb Bush as I perceive it, he must remain in the run.  The reason for this is the RNC wants to broker the convention.  The RNC does not want Donald Trump as the nominee and they will do anything and everything they can to keep Trump from the nomination.  Although, this may be rather suspect, Marco Rubio is eyeing a brokered convention.  Information is slowly coming out, more and more about the RNC brokering this upcoming convention.

Concluding, when the New Hampshire voters vote in their primary, I would hope they remember what these candidates are trying to do.  They hope that you will forget about their lying and cheating.  They hope that you have forgotten about the Gang of Eight and amnesty that threatens their benefits.

Kasich did not want in the middle of attack Trump, but he never said for them to stop having a nasty debate.  Because of not telling these people to quit, he condones the attacks on Trump which in my observation was orchestrated by the RNC.

There is an old adage, “How can you tell a politician is lying?”  When they open their mouths.

Lastly, I like certain movies.  The Hunt For Red October is one I will watch a number of times.  There is a scene in this movie, about 15 to 20 minutes in and this scene is in a conference room.  At the end of this conference, this politician tells Mr. Ryan (Alex Baldwin) to stay.  The part that is interesting about this, the politician states to Mr. Ryan, “I am a politician.  I lie and I cheat and when I am not kissing babies, I am stealing their lollipops.”

I truly believe the RNC will be the used car salesman trying to sell us the old clunker with sawdust in the oil.  We as the people of America are looking for something better.  We should not look to the RNC and the establishment and while they have nothing to offer, they want us to accept another 4 years of nothing.

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