Posted by: Lloyd Becker | September 30, 2016

Snakes, Cheerleading Squad and Hillary

There now has been two on-stage presidential face-offs; actually, one, if you count the debate only.  The other was a town hall in which neither met face-to-face.

What is striking about the town hall is that the Sailor who commented about her handling of classified information, he stated that he would have been in jail long ago doing what she has done with the Nations’ secrets.

While Matt Lauer was lobbing softballs at Hillary, he played hardball with Donald Trump trying to trip him up.  Yet, this is nothing new for the shills of Hillary Clinton.  It also has been noted and has been seen that she was wearing an earpiece in which she was being cued in answering Matt Lauer’s question.  It can also be assumed that he knew she was wearing this earpiece.

Since the first town hall, it has gotten worse.  Lester Holt was asking most of the questions at the debate to Donald Trump so they can do real time fact-checking.  Lester Holt was also trying to shut down Trump numerous of time to let Hillary in because she was signaling to put some zingers in.

Three things captured my attention after the debate, primarily the following two days after the debate.

  1. Lester Holt was being more of a debater, rather than a moderator because he called Trump a liar over, either, being against the war in Iraq, or the birther issue.
  2. A white haired man in a suit went to Hillarys’ podium and removed a file folder from it and passed it to Lester Holt. Was this an OP-PO on Trump?  Where did this file originate?  Since it was passed to Lester Holt, was it his file he gave to Hillary to use?
  3. Hillarys’ podium has a teleprompter built in to it.

While speculating, this teleprompter had all the questions in it and to whom they were to be directed to and when she was to be able to speak.  To speculate further, she may have had her earpiece on, receiving instructions to keep signaling to Lester Holt to let her in.

Though, on its surface, this was to be a level playing field, the Independent Commission on Presidential Debates, does not seem too independent.  Initially, Hillary Clinton wanted a step stool, but the Commission refused her a step stool and built a specially made podium for her.  This podium that was built, was built with a teleprompter.  This Commission is lying about being independent and they are just as much of a cheerleading squad for Hillary as the Mainstream Media.

The “birther” issue became a hot button item and Lester Holt perpetuated the same lie that Trump started it, when it was Hillary’s campaign of 2008 against Obama on saying that he was not US born.  This issue began raising its head again  and past documents are starting to surface showing that Obama was born in Kenya.  The MSM carried that news, plus the liberal newspapers have written about Obama not being born in the United States.  Yet, Trump is being blamed for the birther issue.

Hillary has no record to run on, unless, upon leaving the White House, there were 47 dead bodies left behind.  During Benghazi, there are four dead and during this campaign, three bodies.  One of these bodies was a Wikileaks contributor, as stated by Julian Assange.  The only thing I do not know is how many bodies were left behind when Hillary left Arkansas.

What other accomplishments does she have?

  • Destabilization of the Middle East
  • Arab Spring
  • ISIS
  • There are others

As it is, this election cycle, there is no record of accomplishments that Hillary can point to.  Not anything legitimate.  This is why Lester Holt  and Matt Lauer, plus the entire MSM are providing cover for her.  The liberal newspapers, if you want to call them that, are providing cover and smoke screens for Hillary.

It has already been shown that Hillary has to cheat.  To cheat, these town halls and debates, it must be rigged against Trump.  So far, we have seen this multiple times.  On October 9, 2016, we will see another rigged town hall with Martha Raddetz.  Will we see more of the same?  Will Hillary wear her earpiece again?  Will Martha throw puffball questions?  Throw hardball questions at Trump?  This town hall will tell.

While the snakes continue to crawl, Hillary is hopeful that one will be successful in weakening Trump’s position.

Trump needs to now start destroying Hillary.  With Lester Holt’s help, she drew first blood.  He needs to bring back her 2008 campaign ad stating Obama was not born in the US.  He needs to hit her about the rapist she defended and laughed about it, while knowing this guy really did it.  Trump needs to come to a full offense and not let up.  To pull a punch now is to let Hillary win.

If you are into petitions, I have an iPetition out to ban Lester Holt and Matt Lauer.

Concluding, the MSM is Hillarys’ cheerleading squads.  If they are not cheerleading, they may experience the same experience others have experienced in the past.  You must ask yourself, why is everyone pleading the 5th Amendment?  They do not want to die either.

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