About Me, the Rainier

I am a conservative.  I am a writer, but not of the prissy kind.  I do not write articles or blogs that depict me tiptoeing through the tulips because I will stomp on them.  There are some generic articles I do write, but those are few and far between.  I prefer something with more meat, with some knowledge.  When I do write, it is mostly on the political side.  Politicians, ALL parties will get slammed, or will be applauded.

I enjoy watching FOX News with O’Reilly and Hannity, I mostly like Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck with his aire of sarcasm exposes to some degree of what the politicians are doing.  The other two basically harp on the same subject.  I look at what is happening elsewhere of what they are not reporting.  I believe they know what is going on, but not saying.  I am the other voice that is saying look at this and be aware, or be afraid.

My problem is is that for me to voice what is going on, I am fighting liberal and progessives and really, some of them are on FOX.  And they are squelching my voice.  I am not being afforded my 1st Amendement rights unless I was bashing a Republican, or a conservative.  I am just like Paul Krugman.  While he likes to hit below the belt, I hit just a little lower, and harder.  But never, never do I call people dirty, or nasty names.  Their mother is off-limits also.  But that is not true about liberals.  They will call people who have very different viewpoints on the same subjects nasty names, then walk around all puffed up like saying see what I did to that GOP, or conservative and their mouth gets louder and nastier, much like Bill Maher.

Then there are those on MSNBC.  I keep wondering why GOD let them procreate.  But, I am nothing but a peon and people like Bill O keep peons out of the conversation, Seans’ producer flat told me that he does not want to hear it.  So, I never called back.  All I asked if I could talk to Sean.  But, I have a voice and I will use it here, let alone what Sean and Bill say or think.

Back to me, I am a writer to a degree that it will lambast, or frustrate any liberal or conservative who gets out of line.  Since liberals are a gift that keeps on giving, I never run out of things to say, but I just pick on one of what I want to talk about because if I wrote on everything, there would be no time for anything else.

When you read any of my articles, please feel free to comment.  Especially the left-wingers, they have a different aire about themselves and tend to be lost in the progessive rhetoric.

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