Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 5, 2014

Politically Correct Islam? I Think Not!

When people are being politically correct about Islam, it is problematic. It will lead to the United States’ undoing as a polytheistic nation which, in its make-up, accepts people from all walks of life who carry their own religious belief system. Islam, on the other hand, is highly intolerant of any religion other than itself.

Conservatives and liberals alike defend Islam, even when they are forced to take sides in a debate. Islam is not a religion of peace, no matter what any Muslim can tell you. The Qur’an, tells the Muslim that Christians and Jews cannot live in peace with each other because the Muslim children in their schools; called madrassas, are taught to hate Christians and Jews, plus, as stated in the Qur’an, Christians and Jews are from apes and swine. The Qur’an also refers to the Christians and Jews as the “People of the Book”. The problem is, is that Muslims are People of the Book also. Christians use the Holy Bible, the Jews use the Holy Scriptures. Muslims, use the Qur’an; each, a book!

When we saw the news after Morsi took over Egypt as their leader, 42 or 44 Coptic Christians were murdered in the name of Islam and honor killings began. Mubarak, though a dictator, kept the Christians safe as well as he could and kept the peace between Israel and Egypt. What was the difference? The Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi, called for the murder of Egyptian Christians where Mubarak did not.

In the madrassas, Islam is taught. In our public schools, teachers are teaching social studies which includes a full chapter on Islam, with hardly any reference to other religions. Under common core education, Islam will be rigorously taught, but, will there be any problems associated with this? Let’s take a look.

As school teachers are proselyzing the children into Islam, female school teachers will eventually end up wearing burkas, or at a minimum, hijabs. Islam is a man’s world, period, dot! These school teachers and school districts in general, are supporting Islam in wake of this teaching. Women will become second class citizens, if that. Women will be subject to honor killings and if they file for divorce, most likely they will be killed by their husbands for dishonor.

Liberals, conservatives and politicians need to re-think their positions and priorities. While this may be an excellent venue to get rid of bitchy wives, it is still murder, plus a way to get rid of idiot children. Islam and Islamic Law allow men to kill any member of their family based on the word “honor”. In China, or Japan, when losing “face” (honor), people are not killed. They lose their standing; not their lives.

Being politically correct towards Islam, stating it is a religion of peace is an absolute misnomer and a lie. The reality is, the stupid liberals and conservatives are enabling the take-over of the United States by kowtowing to this religion that wants to kill Christians and Jews.

During the days of King Richard, the Pope knew Islam was an evil religion. History teachers would tell us the Holy Wars, or the Crusades were going on in that time of world history, but they purposely failed to say why the Holy Wars began. The Jews were also battling the Muslims during the days of David, when David fought Goliath. Although, the Islamic religion was not known then, or invented, Palestine was and Palestine, today is Islamic.

Returning to the teachers, more specifically, the teachers’ unions (NEA/AFT), besides supporting the teaching of Islam, they are also supporting homosexuality. I must stop, for the moment to state this. In Genesis 19 of the Holy Bible and the Holy Scriptures (First Book of Moses), homosexuality is stated as an abomination. In the Qur’an, it is the same. As it was stated, fire and brimstone fell on Sodom and Gomorrah. In the Qur’an, it was twice stated that hot clods of clay fell on those cities. No matter which Holy Book one reads, the outcome was the same; to destroy the homosexual.

But, here comes the interesting part. While teachers are teaching homosexuality is OK, they are indoctrinating students into Islam. Christ teaches us tolerance, Islam does not. While teachers are proselyzing through social studies for Islam and teaching tolerance for homosexuality, they are playing with a lit match, burning at both ends and fingers will be burned. Through common core education, this education will provide an explosive venue of a sizable proportion that people will never forget.

Considering, there are approximately 35 Muslim terrorist camps and here, spread throughout the United States, when it is time for jihad, the proselyzed school children will join in the jihad. School children will have an advantage of knowing who the homosexuals are by virtue of being in school with them. The point is this: line up a homosexual, a Jew and a Christian the homosexual will be the first to die because Muhammad said to kill them and he said this without reservation; kill them! Yet, the “Religion of Peace” is still murdering Christians today at any chance they can get. A 25-year old Christian gets murdered for taking medicine to a sick woman.

Teachers who study and teach social studies know Islamic women are being violated within that culture, yet, afraid of being branded as “phobic”, they refuse to say anything when the truth is on their side. Teachers need to understand that Muslims are guilty of atrocities to their women and the Muslims hide it behind the veil of religion. When teachers learn to tell the truth about Islam, the Muslims will claim to be a victim of Islamophobia. Every school teacher in every school district needs to view the documentary, Honor Diaries. Teachers need to teach their students the truth about Islam and if the teachers remain compliant to Islam, they too, will be subject to Islam and its atrocities to women.

Concluding, Islam is an evil religion which has no tolerance for people of other faiths. Common core education by school teachers will indoctrinate children of other faiths into Islam while teaching tolerance to homosexuality. The twain of these two shall never meet and it becomes a deadly combination of survival.

The religious culture of the United States is polytheistic and by removing, or destroying these faiths and replacing it with Islam, it will reprocess the United States into a man’s world where women will lose the many rights which they fought for. Are we as a religious culture willing to roll-over and have our bellies scratched like a dog? The US Army and the US Air Force has and the Christian and Jews are being ostracized and being removed for stating their faith.

So, I ask you. Are you willing to roll-over like a dog? Or, are you willing to take a stand for your religious liberties? The choice is yours.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 3, 2014

Common Core High-Stakes Testing and Teacher Evaluations

Common core an educational standard we don’t need. Besides not being developed by educators, it will fail the children on the worlds’ stage. It will dumb down the children to a point of having very little education and transform children to believe lies that they will accept as truths.

While there are many facets to these illegitimate standards, this paper is to address common core high-stakes testing and teacher evaluations. To begin with, Bill Gates is the driving force behind tying teacher evaluations to the test scores of the student. Also, within this evaluation process, the building principal will be required to stack-rank their teachers.

Stack-ranking will begin to eliminate teachers. How this will happen, teachers will be placed into three categories. These categories could be named any title, but what these categories do is place the lower ranked teacher for elimination. It does not bode well for any teacher, because if the teacher is not eliminated in the first or second round of evaluations, they may be eliminated on the next round.

As teachers are being eliminated, union membership, or seniority will have no bearing in who gets eliminated. This will also affect teachers who are tenured. Common core is expected to be fully implemented by the end of the school year 2017. At that time, teachers will be eliminated through stack-ranking.

Teachers who accept common core will accept all other areas. This includes stack-ranking. Stack-ranking is not new. It was first introduced by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Bill Gates copied the idea of stack-ranking from Jack Welch and during this time, this style of evaluations was in process at Microsoft, Microsoft lost numerous software engineers and so, as it will be for teachers.

One will need to consider the field of teaching. What will high school students do when they consider to become a teacher? Teachers losing their jobs through stack-ranking, no high school graduate will consider teaching.
To solve this problem is to have everyone, parents and educators, plus the teachers’ union; by whatever name they go by, needs to remove common core education. While common core education is no good for the student, it is worse for the teacher.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 3, 2014

Are We Wasting Time, Money and Energy on Higher Learning?

This article is prompted by an article I read.  To give credit, where credit is due, Michael Snyder’s article is from the Freedom Outpost and it gave me some information that I can use for this article.

When considering a college, whether a junior college, or a college/university that can take a new student from day one and graduate them with a doctoral degree.  One thing the student needs to be aware of is that over 90% of all higher learning institutions have in common is that they are liberal and they basically hire liberal professors with socialist or communist leanings.

Based on this opening, let me give some insights on whether a degree is a waste of time and money.

In this economy, education is more of a slaughter house venue because there are no jobs available enough to employ degreed people within their chosen field.  People who would not necessarily go to college, will go to college and of those who graduate, some should not graduate.  Yet, with this knowledge, professors know that if too many people fail, funding from the financial aid system will become at risk.

Like the author, Mr. Snyder, I spent considerable time in college.  The basic difference between Mr. Snyder and I, is that he writes articles for work and I am just a carrier of college degrees.  Because of Obamacare, one of the fastest growing fields is healthcare management and I have one of these degrees.  But, I also have an MBA.

The statement of having a college education was good advice if you were in college in the 1960s; 1970s and the 1980s.  A Bachelors’ degree with continuing education was all that was needed to land a job.  Today, not so much.  There are no guarantees of getting a job.  The only guarantee anyone has is from graduation to the unemployment line.  In my estimation (not scientific; just observation), for every five, or six graduates, one gets hired.  This excludes those who are working while getting a college degree.

Using my estimation, the hiring ratio of 6:1, with the median-debt load of $57,600 (Snyder), five students are going to default at a significant amount of $288,000.  Given any one institution that graduates 600 students per quarter, the default in loans, then is $28,800,000.  Whereas, the 100 other students will find jobs, to pay for their school loans.  Multiply that by four graduating quarters and you have a default of $115,200,000.

The quality of education at the Associates level is bad and it does not prepare a student for higher levels of education.  Although, the education is not as good as it should be, people are going to college, with the hopes of getting a job after college.  Until then, with the influx of students, tuition and books have skyrocketed and the level of education remains the same.  (This sounds like Economics 101, Supply and Demand).

As for civics, colleges do not teach civics and to tell you the truth, neither does high school.  Every college graduate should know the very basics of civics, but, as I indicated earlier, colleges hire liberal professors who very much lean towards socialism, or communism.  The purpose of this is to wipe away the rich history and the contributors who made the United States what it is today.  College professors talking about how great the United States is, does not fit into their narrative, but communism does.  But, it gets worse.  K-12 school teachers have the same basic philosophy.

Schools overall, albeit, K-12, or colleges, all go by one simple rule, educate some; indoctrinate more.  The indoctrination process is more of collectivism.  Training the individual mind in “how” to think is going by the wayside and communism is beginning to show, more and more.

In closing, colleges do have a place, but, with the same level of education, these professors provide, the student and financial aid is throwing money down a rabbit hole, or a toilet (which ever you prefer).  As I have seen through the three degrees I have, the institutions I attended did not have any civics in these curriculums.

Any institution that graduates students will generally end up in the unemployment line with an excessive student loan.  School teachers are dumbing down the student and by the time the college professors finish with the student, the student will be uniformed, voting as a democrat who believes in communism.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | November 16, 2012

Muslims and Critics

Muslims seem to be out of touch of reality when they say they want different standards to be judged by; Sharia v. US Constitution.  Why would a Muslim desire this type of treatment?  Women, primarily, should balk at this because it puts them on the wrong end of the equation.

Women suffer the most peril through Islamic Law by being subject to honor killings, stoning and other concerns that could lock them up for life, or sentence them to death.  Blasphemy laws are another concern, but, Islamic women driving cars, may put them in jail.  In the Qur’an, Chapter 4, Al Nisa, gives the entire picture of how women are treated under Islam.  Muhammad saw to that when the Qur’an was being written.  One of the biggest questions I have, is why do Muslim women support the Qur’an and Muhammad when they know they are unfairly treated.  Al Nisa even strips women of their inheritance rights when a husband dies; and if she has a son, he gets everything while she gets nothing except by what the son gives her.

Although, nearly 50% of the Muslims believe criticism of Islam should be a crime with some saying it should have the death penalty attached to it.  The Muslims also know that the United States is a polytheistic country and that not one specific religion is practiced.

Considering, if a law was actually enacted a law of what the Muslims seek, then the blasphemy law must cover all religions; not just one.  Cults should also be considered, because of the quasi nature of their belief.  Muslims need to be careful of what they ask for, because if they get it, they may not be happy with the results.

As the voting results of the Muslims greatly favor Obama, the concerns of the Muslims were the same concerns as expressed by the other American people.  Jobs, the economy and others.  CAIRs’ poll also indicated that the democrats were friendly towards them and knew how to talk to them.  The point of the democrats is the same point of socialists and communists; say those things that people want to hear.

This has been a practice of the democrats for years and still they are not at a loss for gullible people.  Whereas, the Republicans are not looking for gullible people and they exercise the type of honesty that tells people what they need to hear; not what they want to hear.  Yes, lies are told on both sides of the aisle, but more so with the democrats.

The Muslims should, as I tell everyone else, research these democrats.  Because what they will find is not what the democrat will hope you find.  The history of the democrats include racism, Jim Crow Laws, abortions and intimidation and murders through the Ku Klux Klan.  Racism is a trait that runs deep with democrats.  They hung Republicans along-side the black on the same tree defending the rights of black people.  Republicans believe in equality of the people.

CAIRs’ survey also indicated that 35% of Muslims complained of profiling.  We need to understand that in all societies and cultures, there are good people and bad people across the spectrum.  It is the radicals of Islam that ruins it for the rest of the Muslims.  Muslims claim their religion is one of peace, but, when another person reads the Qur’an, they read how much of a warring book it is.  Muslims have made war against the Christians and the Jews for centuries.  The question continues to beg itself, if Islam is supposed to be a peaceable religion, then why are they still murdering and warring against Christians and Jews?  What tends to be more interesting is why the Jew?  The Jew and the Muslim are monotheistic.  I don’t see the big deal here.  But, Muhammad must have had a problem with that because in Surah 5:59-60, he says the People of the Book are apes and swine.  Based on this definition, he was talking about the Christian and the Jew.  Is it not true that the Qur’an is a book?  The reality is that everyone in every religion are People of the Book.  Unless you were there during that time of history writing these “books”, then we are nothing but People of the Book.

Although, in the complaint of profiling, the peace-loving Muslim needs to police those radical Islamists to reduce, or eliminate those extremists who are terrorists, shihadis and others by any and all means possible.

I understand some of the problems of the Muslims, but, not enough to sympathize.  Muslims want special treatment primarily in the laws.  There are only two states, in which there should be none, that judges use Sharia is in Michigan and in Florida.  But, in order to be judged by those standards, Muslims need to live in those states.

But, getting back to the Muslims voting and the problems of the country.  Let me expound upon two other items.  It is well known that Islam frowns upon homosexuality.  Muhammad in his Hadith said to kill them (paraphrased).  In the 1980s, or sometime well before he married Michelle, his wife, he was reported to be married to a Pakistani man.  There is a picture of him with his Grandmother Sarah in Kenya with a wedding ring on his hand.

The second item is abortion.  While I hear nothing from the Muslim community, does this silence mean the Muslim community condones abortions?  If so, then they are in good company with Obama.  Obama believes in abortions to the point of infanticide.  Based on failed abortions, when babies are born alive, they are placed in a room where they can cry, squeal and die.

In closing, criticism of Islam would be in the normal means as any other religions.  The peaceable Muslims need to eradicate the radicals and terrorists from the religion.  Zealots, we have in all religions, but, there is a difference between proselytizing and killing people.

Muslims need to research the democrats and their platform.  Democrats have simply learned how and what to say to politically ignorant people; no matter who they are.  Since the Muslim does not support homosexuality, why does the Muslim vote for homosexuality?  Quite a number of Muslims have college degrees.  These graduates have learned how to do research.

Lastly, when Muslims learn and understand who the democrats are, talk to the Republicans and learn who they are and you will be glad you did.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 7, 2012

Obama and the GOP Candidate

As we come closer, and closer to the big day, when the GOP nominee will emerge by gaining the nomination through garnering the necessary delegates.  Through this emergence, it is predicted that Mitt Romney will win the nomination.  This is only a prediction and not anything else.  But, before I get to Romney, let me talk about the other candidates.

I am not going into any sordid details, or any other hoopla of that nature, but certain highlights can be interesting to some degree.  Mind you, all of these people are nice, but their personal life got in the way, or maybe their platform was just not right.  The democrats were not bashful when making hay in highlighting Herman Cain’s affairs – if that is what you want to call it, Santorum was a bit flip-floppy on some issues, but it got my attention when he endorsed Romney for the last presidential run.  Newt Gingrich, besides shooting himself in the foot about his divorces, covertly, I think that he and Nancy Pelosi have had some thought patterns that are alike, such as global warming.  Ron Paul although I respect him, but his ideas more, or less lean towards anarchy.

In getting to Mitt Romney, his so-called failings is being a Mormon and Romneycare.  This has been talked about on both sides, Democrats and Republicans.  The only major problem is Romney’s mouth.  He needs to ensure not to talk about his money, cars and anything else the Democrats will jump on.  What is interesting, when JFK won the presidency, the media was a buzz because an Irish Catholic became a president.  And, so, Mitt is a Mormon.  No different than when JFK got elected.

Obama as we know, he can’t run on his record.  He has a disastrous record and there is no way he can get re-elected.  He can only resort to smear campaigns, class warfare and race-carding, or race-baiting.

When the battle finally comes down to, and I will presume it will be Romney, Obamas’ battle plan will be to portray him as uncaring as liberals generally portray Republicans.  Romney needs to keep hammering on Obama’s record.  Obama will continue to push distractions, but Romney needs to stay focused.

Romney can do this; for every distraction that comes, a distraction needs to be returned.  Example?

True example as reported by an investigative reporter:  Obama visited his mother in Pakistan back in 1980 and 1981.  The Obamas also have CIA connections and the question is where did Barack Obama Jr. get his passport?  Why was BHO Jr. backed by the CIA during the Soviet-Afghanistan Conflict?  We need to remember that the CIA was beefing up its activities in its anti-Soviet operations in 1977 and Barack Obama was in Afghanistan at the time.

Even though BHO sealed his records by Executive Order, not everything got sealed.  There is still too much out there.  The CIA does not do this without a purpose and what was their purpose with BHO Jr.?

Ann Dunham has had close ties with USAID and as this article goes, it states that USAID was a front for other things that involved the Ford Foundation in with Timothy Geithner’s father, Peter Geithner was ensuring money was being funneled to Indonesia.

Madelyn Dunham, BHO’s grandmother was handling escrow accounts which entailed money laundering through major CIA money laundering fronts in Honolulu.

So, is there any other connections, that people need to be aware of?

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 5, 2012

The Teaparty, the GOP and Dr. Staff

As we continue to approach the end of the GOP nomination process, we really need to consider who is to be the ultimate winner of the contest.

I have not particularly thrown my lot in with any candidate, but I tend to take a different view.  I am a Teapartier, plus a 9-12’er.  I am speaking on my own behalf and not a representative of the Teaparty proper, or as the 9-12 group, but if any person who agrees with my writings, I welcome their concurrence.

The Teaparty and the 9-12’ers look to the US Constitution for guidance, (as I understand it), for how things need to be.  Less taxes and small government, just to name a couple.  The United States has been on the march to socialism for at least 100+ years and Obama had made it very evident since he took office.  The point I take is this.  America used to be a very prosperous nation.  We used to have jobs and employers were able to pay the workforce, plus they still had help wanted signs posted looking for more workers.

I know the readers of my paper will be liberals as well as conservatives.  People know in order to have money in their pockets, they need to have a job and to have a job, there needs to be less taxes.  The lesser the taxes on the employer, means more jobs the employer will open up.

I invite all liberals, progressives and democrats to attend these Teaparty functions and learn; not to heckle, what it means to have less taxes, less government intrusion in your life, both personally and financially so you can support your family.  While the Teaparty and the 9-12’ers support the conservative base, it is just fitting to talk about the GOP.

Compared to the democrat, the GOP is extremely conservative.  This observation is incorrect to outside observers.  Inside the GOP, you have that spectrum moderate to ultra-conservative.  Me, I am a little further than the ultra-conservative.  But, we have four people who are in contest to be the GOP nominee.

As I see it, all four contenders have good ideas and I think parts of each of their platforms should be incorporated into one platform.  Although, that would be nice, but, it is not possible.  Considering, if it were possible, then we would be looking for Dr. Staff.  Dr. Staff has all the qualities everyone is looking for, including employers.  Dr. Staff knows all about foreign policy, he knows everything about the economy and its functions, he is a great leader, he knows everything.

Remember, in our college days when we were taking 100/200 level classes, the instructors’ name was Staff.  No matter what the class we took, Humanities, English, Math, or Art, Staff knew it all.

What makes it troublesome, the GOP/conservative is looking for this Dr. Staff, a non-existent person.  But, when it all falls out, I will throw my lot in with the GOP nominee.  This may not be the best way of approaching this, but until someone shows me a better way, then this will need to stand.

In conclusion, the Teaparty, the 9-12’ers and the GOP along with other voters, need to rally around the nominee to ensure a win.

Obama and his policies along with Reid and Pelosi literally screwed up our economy, refused to set a budget and passed a boondoggle called Obamacare.  The liberal three did not want a budget, they wanted a blank check.

We, as a country of free people need to rein in this governmental monstrosity and rally around the GOP nominee, get him elected and start the repairs.  Repairing this country will not be an overnight job.  It took a 100+ years to get where we are now, so, how many years will it take to fix this?  Remember, for us, Greece is just around the corner.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | April 1, 2012

Cancer on Society

Greece with all of their problems, they are still continuing to have problems.  The basis of its problems stems from three items.  While Greece has a myriad of problems, I will talk about these three.

These three are the debt, the unions and the politicians.  Considering, the democrat and the liberal has no real understanding, they believe the status quo to fix problems is to excessively tax and tax the people more.  Such is the way the liberal thinks to fix their monetary/revenue problem.

Although, Greece is yet in debt beyond their eyeballs, Germany and France needed to learn from the first time around in bailing them out.  But, yet, again, they bailed Greece out again.  Still, Greece and their problems, still plague the European Community and required another bail out.

Since I set the framework, I will be talking about Greece’s fiscal and political problems, but, let it be known, I am not an economist, but a businessman.  The theoretical lens I will be looking at is from the point of reality and not the point Keynesian economics where the only way to get out of debt is to spend your way out.  It is much like VP Joe Biden says, “you must spend to keep from going bankrupt”.  This is the point.  You cannot spend your way out of bankruptcy, when the more you spend, the closer bankruptcy becomes.

Everything has a point and the point that Greece needs to do what is right and not what has been done historically because they face collapse.  Since I said everything has a point, here are my points to begin to bring Greece back to solvency.

The most basic problem of Greece is the politicians.  Although, I stated there is a problem, this problem is based on the three previously identified areas themselves.  Superficially, understanding the problems that Greece faces, these need to be looked at one problem at a time.  Each problem does have a solution and each one will be addressed, plus an ultimate solution that should and can alleviate Greece’s problem of insolvency.  This will not be an overnight fix, rather, it will take a few years, but it will fix most of the problems Greece faces today.  As a reminder, the three problems Greece has are:  the debt, the unions and the politicians.  So, now, we start.

The debt of Greece is something we have never seen since Nazi Germany.  Although, Greece’s debt is not like Nazi Germany, it is being propped up by the other countries, plus the bail outs by Germany and France.  To begin fixing these monetary problems each country needs to return to their original currency.  The Euro in itself was a problem before it got started.  One country over time would destroy the entire European system and this country so happens to be Greece.

By returning to each country’s original monetary system, this will make each country responsible for their debt.  To base any assumption that would make an educated guess, Greece was already in trouble with their debt and it was advantageous for Greece to be propped up by other countries so they can share in their debt.  But, the debt, basically is the least of their problems.  In consideration, we must look at the unions.

The unions being broad-based as they are, they are bleeding the money from the people of Greece.  The contentions are is that the unions have a choke-hold on Greece and they are not relinquishing their control.  As with anything concerned, contracts are contracts and they are forcing the Grecian government to abide by the contract to satisfy the union contract no matter the repercussions to the people.  The unions control the country to such an extent that they will strike to shut the government down in which they have and caused a financial crisis without any reservation.

Considering, this has become a protracted debate seeing it from the views of the unions.  Greece needs to survive on its own again and the way to bring a “sink or swim” to Greece is to return to their original monetary system as well as any other country should.  Yet, when contending with the unions, these unions need to be done away with at the government level.  Unions are and have been a liability to the people of any country including the United States.  While Greece’s problem to some degree parrots the same union problem as other countries, it is Greece that has spent its way into fiscal oblivion.  In order to start getting back any sanity in their fiscal policies, Greece needs to fully cut frivolous spending and remove the unions from the workforce.  Removing the unions can happen two ways.  One, totally decertify and remove the union by keeping the same workers and the second, fire and hire new workers that will work for private sector wages and benefits.  We must consider the former that it would not work because of the expected outcome of gaining any fiscal responsibility and it would also lead to further rioting, so the latter would seem the most plausible.

While that plausibility of hiring a new workforce, all avenues with the past workforce must be exhausted by offering them work at the private sector rate to include benefits.  For some of these workers, they need to look at providing for their families, or go without a paycheck.

The old adage states, “it takes two to Tango”.  To mess up the dance even worse, another party must be injected into the problem.  This other dance partner is the politician.

Greece, being a socialist country as well as others around them, their politicians are just as liberal.  Although, they may consider themselves democratic, no matter the semantics of the titles, or names, they are still liberals.  The commonality is that socialism cannot exist without liberalism, just as the free market cannot exist without conservatism.  Because of this liberalism, they also create untenable union contracts that the private sector has to pay for.  The liberal will generally spend more money than what they take in revenue from taxes.    Socialism is nothing more than spending other peoples’ money without accountability only to have the private sector to pay more and more again in taxes.

These liberal politicians believe that the only way to get out of debt is to spend more money; seems to me I heard this before, you know, ol’ gaffey Joe Biden.  It is the same with the unions.  The liberal is completely indebted to the unions and union contracts are re-written to give the unions better benefits and higher wages.  These contracts, again, become more untenable, the debt spirals upward and countries like Germany and France rescues Greece from default, or bankruptcy.  Money is given to bail out Greece and Greece with the bail out money pays off the debt to the union with little money left to pay the remaining debt to the other creditors of Greece.  These politicians need true lessons in economics to bring them back on the road to fiscal repair.  The Grecian people need to remove these politicians and replace them with politicians that will begin to repair their monetary policies that will allow them to become a solvent nation again.

Fiscal solvency and/or insolvency does not happen overnight, but the new politicians will have a lot of late nights to do trying to fix the problem.  But, in the first year, they can strip the union presence from the governmental infrastructure, cut spending in the necessary areas and spend money in places that are necessary to maintain those services.

In conclusion, Greece needs to eliminate the unions because they are a cancer on society, as well as any society.  The Grecian people as a whole needs to remove their politicians and install new people who can maintain fiscal accountability to the people.

As for a possible return to the Drachma, they should!  The fiasco of the Euro, is in itself a distinct departure from individual fiscal responsibility because it causes the entire European Community to be saddled with the debt of another country’s monetary failures.  Since there is that consideration of Greece returning to the Drachma, Germany and France should return to the Deutche Mark and the Franc respectively.

So, what are the basic cancer on society?  The answers are simple.  Liberals, unions, excessive debt, the Euro, excessive spending and socialism.

This paper, I could send to the Tri-City Herald, but why?  These people are just as liberal as the Editor who runs the paper.  He has his nose up Obama’s butt just as the other liberal news agencies, or did he receive a death threat also.  And, if he did, why was it not reported?

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | February 27, 2012

Bypassing Congress

As the Hill’s, Alicia M. Cohen reported on 2/24/2012, President Obama will be bypassing Congress by using Executive Orders again.  We must remember that the US Constitution sets up three branches of government.  These are to provide the checks and balances we need to make sure that one branch does not over ride another.

Governors that were included in this possible ursurpation of Congress are Governors, Jerry Brown – CA; Jay Nixon – MO; O’Malley; Christine Gregoire – WA; Bev Perdue – NC; Peter Shumlin – VT; Neil Abercrombie – HI; Deval Patrick – MA and Pat Quinn – IL, all democrats.  Because of Obama’s opposition to Congress, it sets up a conspiracy to commit treason.  As if he had not done this before in the past, now he has co-conspirators.

While I am familar with two states, Jerry Brown will snap at anything because he is a spendthrift with the people of California’s money and just cannot stop himself.  $15 billion in debt, Gregoire behind him in about $6 billion in debt, or more and she is a spendthrift doing the same and they will do anything to tax more people.  The flagrant attempt to create jobs while taxing the job creators is just plain stupid and they are stupid.

The basic reason Republicans do not mention jobs is because to create the amount of jobs that will put America back to work again is that massive cuts in the tax rate must happen.  Money hungry, taxing democrats will not hear of it.  Divisive cultural issues are the things that democrats want in the forefront of the conversation.  They will exploit all minorities given their track record starting as early as the Ku Klux Klan.  Although it is quite illegal to hang a republican along side a black, but they have refined their method and message to say it was the republican who are racist.  It is a constant that democrats make republicans talk about racial issues is because they believe in the more they do this political hack job, the more it makes to republicans look bad.  The democrats cannot erase approximately 137 years of racism and their Jim Crow laws, so they continually use the republicans as a scapegoat to their rhetoric.

These Governors now need to be investigated for the possibility of a treasonous act of bypassing congress.  Since Eric Holder will do everything possible, to include flipping the race card himself, will not hold Obama accountable and as it is anyway, he will protect Obama to his last breath.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | September 22, 2010

Teaparty Racist? or is Al Sharpton talking from his usual place?

Al Sharpton is up to his usual tricks again, as normal for whatever normal is to him.  His has very interestingly stated that the Teaparty is another group of the KKK.  Being that as it may, then why are there black members of the Teaparty?  All this tells us is that Al Sharpton and his bunch of idiots are trying to shut down people who believe in the Constitution.

Al Sharpton as we know from his past, he is a Maoist.  If he could, I would believe that as Mao killed 70 Million people, what would another few mean?  He was trained by his school teachers to be Marxist.  What else is there for him to believe?  He believes in the “Land of Opportunity” for himself to speak his mind, but only for him and no one else.  Anything contrary to his ideology is unrepresented and out of bounds.

Al Sharpton’s demeanor is such that he believes that he is untouchable and he can say anything this he wants.  I have been through the race riots of the 1960s and 1970s and from everything that I am seeing today since Obama got in office, our country is heading down that path again.  Since Obama has made racial comments and allegations, Sharpton thinks he can make them also.

Al Sharpton’s reference to the Teaparty as another bunch of KKK, would have an interesting effect because the KKK believes in hanging black folks, Jim Crow Laws and other segregation elements of keeping the “colored” separate from the whites.  we all know that Al sharpton is a progressive, liberal democrat.  So was the KKK.  The KKK was not an “equality” type of people.  Any Republican, or black was fair game and if you got your head in a noose, so be it.  But Sharpton is an exploiter of black people, and an enemy of others.  If the real history of the KKK were to be taught, I particularly think that nearly all of the folks would be republican, but somehow most of the black folks are blind to the real history and the liberals have basically removed that from teaching our children.  Our children need to know this stuff because with people like Sharpton and his cast of goofys, they will just go away.  Even considering that, then, WHY?? are most of the black people democrat?  Democrats have a long standing history of being racist, but yet they push it off onto others and call them racist.

Al Sharpton states that Glenn Beck has hijacked MLK’s imagery and symbolism of 8/28.  Glenn Beck, as I see it has reminded people that we came a long way and we should still be thinking about GOD and country and our Constitution.  But Al Sharpton thinks that only blacks can evoke the memory of MLK and from the looks of it, not even Elvida King has the right to even talk about her Uncle.  Democrats have lots of agendas, but we know to keep the country divided is one of them.

Posted by: Lloyd Becker | March 25, 2010

Obamacare out the Window? – Maybe

The individual mandate as I understand it was a republican idea.  OK, lets say it is.  The republicans also know that it is not constitutional to force people to buy health insurance.  Just because a person is under 35 years of age, does not necessarily make them bulletproof from some disease or another.

People do as they want to do regardless of what some mandates are.  As it is with healthcare, they are not concerned to have it unless maybe they have a family.  Family plans, whether employer sponsored or not, it would be foolish not to have it.  But individual plans are totally a personal decision.  This healthcare bill forces all to buy.

In the eleven states that filed these lawsuits, they will eventually make it to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court knows that it is illegal to force some one to buy something the individual does not want.  The only way people can be made to buy this health insurance is the Supreme Court becomes an activist court and support the individual mandate.  The Supreme Court should not wait for the suit to reach them.  They need to pick this up now and declare it unconstitutional.

The reality is is that it does not make any difference now whose idea it was for this individual mandate to be placed in this bill.  The fact is, it is in there and it needs to be addressed.  The funny part about this is this bill was signed into law in this present form and the Supreme Court must throw it out in its present form.

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